2nd Dating Anniversary

I don’t know what is the exact translation of “pacaran” in english, i think it’s pretty much dating.

So, we celebrated our 1st anniversary at Luna Negra restaurant, Jakarta.

And now, we’re trying something different by celebrating it on an island! Well, actually it’s because the Krabi incident, so we booked a room at Nirwana Garden resort, Bintan.

Bintan is actually a part of Indonesia, but amazingly it’s not popular amongst Indonesian, yet we saw so many Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Singaporean coming. The place itself only accept SGD. I will review the place in the next post!

So, because the foods are very expensive there, I planned to bring my own food for our anniversary dinner. I asked BF to bring the delicious pork satay from Jakarta.. and for the rest we bought it from hawker centre below my HDB. I already bought some candles, wine glasses, and wine opener from Daiso (2 dollar store).. not to forget to bring the rose wine which he bought from Paris last month.


The moment become even more perfect when we found a gazebo nearby our resort beach, so we don’t need to use my pashmina and getting sandy. But, unfortunately I didn’t aware that having a candle light dinner nearby the beach is impossible, because it’s very windy! Wind has turn off our light all the time, grrr… so we’re busy to turn it on again, because we don’t have anymore source of light to see what we’re eating!

It’s so funny when I was expecting to hear the same theme of words as our 1st anniversary (things like.. Thank God I found you, thanks for coming into my life…), yet what he said is.. “don’t go”. For these few months, we knew that we will face enormous challenge while I’m going to France. But, he never said that it’s bugging his mind. Well, in this very own moment, I think he just spill out everything.. include “I’m afraid I will have an affair…”. And to be honest, I’m not shocked nor mad. Because, I do think the same way.. I am afraid that the skin hunger will make me betray him.. and when I do apologize to him, our relationship will not be the same again.


So, in that very moment.. we’re just busy to talk what we have in mind and forget all the romantic stuffs.. even though, you know that I’m a romance junkie.. I’m still hoping he’s coming with a flower or sweet words. But, I don’t think I will get any of those from this unromantic man. I think I just need to bear that, if I want to accept him as one package.

I don’t know.. I just started to feel that my feeling has changed.. I don’t know if it’s towards the good or bad sign.


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