I just met Dharma, an old friend during my college in Bandung. He took study in ITB and at that moment we lived at the same boarding house. It’s so funny how we met at Changi Airport, when I accompanied my BF when he’s about to go back to Jakarta.

We chit chat along the way.. and he talked about how he plan his future life after married. He planned to get married next year.

Yeah, I always plan everything in my life.. but now, I have a mystery for 1 thing in my life.

I don’t feel like working in a company anymore.. I think it’s about time for me to take the risk.. and do what i wanna do.

But what do I want now?

I don’t know.

I don’t feel like living in Jakarta anymore.. because I can’t stand with the traffic.

But if I live in Singapore or Australia.. can I make my dream come true?

Well.. it’s a mystery.

I always remembered when I read Zappos book, given by my boss.. how he’s able to take risk since he’s a child and finally he can build his own company. I don’t know whether I can be that kind of person, who always stand after falling.. I did that to get the scholarship, but can I do that for this one as well?

For my future..

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