still remember..

This is what i’ve been wanting for.. a lifetime chance..

when i checked my yahoo!mail and found lots of threads about scholarships, one of them is about US education fair.. suddenly my mind traveled to the past. I remember when I visited European education fair at Balai Kartini 2 years ago, and my body was breezed (merinding), and I called my BF.. I said to him “this is what I wanted.. this is what I want..”

And now, that breezed comes again.

Hence, being there for real is not really that “exceptional” (borrowing the terms I got from my Eiffel scholars fellow).. it feels, I finally make it comes true.. but it’s not everything in this whole world. I guess it’s enough to feel 6 months of it.. and I will return to my lover.

I will pray.. pray for the best for me and him.. let God shows us the best way. Maybe something will happened without being expected.. who knows?

God has the power to do it 🙂

Thank U God..


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