College life

I miss our brunch..

Today I was so tired, everyday I need to go to campus from 8-9 AM to 5 PM. I decided to skip french class today, it’s just too much.. I took an evening nap and after I’m awake and cooking dinner, I watched Glee.. still can’t lying myself that I miss my old life..

Then I wrote this letter to my boyfriend:

I dont know what happened, but most likely hormones striking again 😛

But today after waking up from my evening nap, I suddenly remember all my childhood life.. my city.. my life before.. As happy I am being here and realizing my dream, but I really miss those.. I miss enjoying the rain in tropical weather and eating street foods.. 
I miss you and I miss my old life.. can’t believe I’m saying this.. but I’m really looking forward to be with you again 🙂

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