On the road to my beaulieu..

someday i’ll miss this moment..
like i miss the sunny Singapore.. or the warmth of sekoteng in my hometown..

when I’m back to a world full of responsibility, where i can’t just run when things goes wrong..

when i want to punch someone in the office, but i couldn’t.. when the office politics become so worst.. when your big big boss think he knew what’s best for you..

but you can’t run, because you need to pay your rent..

or your mom just won’t let you..

someday I’ll miss this peaceful and beautiful city.. all the humanity.. how i can enjoy all the breathe that i take without worrying people walk faster than me..

when i sleep on my husband’s arm.. my mind will fly away to this life.. the life that i only got for 7 months.. so short, yet i need to make it unforgettable..

i need to go to every inch in this city.. remember everything with my bare eyes.. all the sculpture on the old buildings.. and admire those who created it.

i have a dream to voyage the world and taste all the bitter and sweet inside it..
here i am..
i know i miss my bf so much.. but this is a one time chance.. and i need to enjoy every bit of it..

la vie c’est belle..


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