Study Abroad

From this study abroad experiences, what I can gather is not only knowledge (which so far is very limited..) but also other greater things..

1. I learned to work with other nationalities with various culture (although 50% are chinese)

Hence, I realized nor in the work life or other life, we don’t always have the luxury to work with people we like.. or people we can manage with.. but life must go on, and you must conquer the challenge to find “cliques” or key to manage them, so you can deliver the result..

2. Realizing that Caucasian is not a superior race

In Indonesia, we get used to the thinking pattern that Caucasian or “bule” is so cool, smart, and very superior.. But in here I got the idea that they’re just same like any other race..

The reason being is because the Caucasians who lived in Asia usually are expatriates, and they have perform very well then the company assigned them to lead in Asia. That’s why most of Caucasian in my country are rich and well-being. But in here I saw they also do the technical stuffs like handyman, cleaning staff, or receptionist. So, it will be a precious learning for me.. not to underestimate my own race đŸ™‚



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