living a dream

today my mom asked me to pursue internship in europe, because i am the only one who can make her (unrealized) dream becoming true.
I am so tired to make my mom proud of me, because she always ask for more. It’s so funny even I don’t know how to face her anymore after being far for few months.. I don’t want to live in the house that she rules.. I want to live my own rules.

All my life, I’m trying to make her proud of me..
but now am tired.. because I just simply wanna be happy..
she didn’t help me to make my dream comes true, but she got the benefits.
No, I don’t hate her.. she’s still my mom and I still love her.
But I’m tired to play this game.. to care about what other’s think of me.. in the matter of fact, I need to follow my heart..

nobody said this gonna be easy, but surely it’s worth it..



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