Inspiration :)

2 nights ago, God has give me inspirations.. He taught me not to be cranky and complainer 🙂

Anyway, here I am.. enjoying breathing in Rennes again.

My room is getting warmer now, not as warm as I expected, but I guess it’s enough. And by making peace with myself regarding that “uh-ah” sound upstairs and my noisy neighbor, I feel better. She won’t getting tranquile, but I can start to annoy those sounds, like everybody else. I guess this is the “essence of life” I demanded long time ago 🙂

Nobody said it’s gonna be easy, but I’m sure it’s worth it 🙂

I am so excited after found out the asian supermarket! I am so excited to cook this and that.. Especially when I see meatball! baksoooo! it’s my favorite food ever!

I have made a menu schedule for myself.. and I wanna eat that meatball tomorrow, but I can’t! Oh noooo!

mardi: I think I won’t have a proper dinner, since I need to do the play 😦

mercredi: rice+chicken soup.. i need to finish my chicken, otherwise it’ll be off soon. But I will mixed it with baksoooo! yeah 😀

jeudi: I will watch a movie, therefore am not sure I’m able to have dinner at home.. sigh..

Anyway, I can’t wait to see Le Noel decorations in the city center! Hopefully they will be dressed up soon!


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