Le Decembre est beau :)

Yay, December is coming!

20 days more for him to come 🙂

I’ve passed 3 months here.. oui, trois mois..

There has been some changes in my life, include my cooking and french skills, hahaha..

Yes, it’s all worth-it.. all the waitings for 5 years to get a master scholarship, to taste La French de l’ambiance, and the essence of life.

Here I am, lying on my bed with a laptop..

Last week, I thought hanging out with French will makes me contented, but apparently it got me sick! LOL.

I don’t know what I wanted in life, oh Gosh!

I thought I wanted this, but why am I feel unhappy?

Because of my ugly dormitory? My crazy neighbor? the super chilling air?

Nope, as I recall, in Singapore am not happy as well. I got everything in Singapore.. money, my own toilet, but yeah.. I still have crazy flatmates, LOL.

I don’t know what I wanted..

I kept remembering the first time we met.. Oh My God, I missed him so much.. I miss hugging him, sleeping on his arm.. I miss love!


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