C’est la vie :)

I used that word many years ago because I like a song titled “c’est la vie”. And now, after living in France, I knew that the words are true.

Literally, it means.. “it’s life”.

When I arrived here, I was so stunned with all the old yet pretty things they have in this city. I can imagine myself living here for good. But, I couldn’t accept that I was living in an ugly room and I kept complaining for months. After so many things happened onwards..

The ugly situations between me and my BF who changed my decision to pursue my dream.. because I realized I was unhappy without him.

All the disasters happened in this dormitory.. the super disgusting toilet which I saw so many times, the sex sounds, the drunk African, and got sick.. it was all the bad moments in life, but I kept reminding myself that this is what I asked for.

I was coming here because I don’t wanna sit in my golden cage.

And despite of all the ugly things, I still love this city 🙂

And I am grateful that God gave me a chance to stay here and absorb all the diversities. That’s when I say to myself..

“c’est la vie”

Sometimes life give you lemon.. which is bitter and uncomfortable. But in the end you will realize that it will be bad if you think that way. If you turn the lemon into lemonade, you will start enjoying it and feel like life never been sweeter 🙂

It doesn’t take a genius to do that, you just need to be grateful for all the better thing you had compare to the people in India, as an example.

And I start to do it now 🙂

I don’t care even though I lost money, I feel disturbed, I feel unlucky.. but that’s not my choice. Sometimes life doesn’t give me a choice. But, it is my choice to be upset or happy. And my choice will determine my life.

I am so contented now, when I finally accepting things, and do not questioning.

I remember one of my friend, z, she used to be my motivator because she always makes impossible things becoming possible. But now, I think that she’s over the line when she’s no longer grateful of what she has. I will stop becoming that person, yet I will start to enjoy life just what my BF does 🙂

He taught me a lot how to live the life without being ambitious. Life is about working on what you love the most, not competing with others.

C’est la vie, mes amis.. Elle est belle 🙂


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