Indonesian, and I think mostly all Asian is crazy about European style.. They hunt European fancy restaurant, French brasserie, Rustic cafe, etc. They wrote review about how great it is, cozy, cool, romantic, even though they need to pay millions!

But after I lived in Europe, now for me it’s not so special anymore. Brasserie is everywhere, I even forced to eat in a rustic creperie place even though I don’t want to, cause that’s all they have! LOL..

In here, government preserve the old and historical buildings, nonetheless it’s usually located in the city center. That’s why people use it for restaurant or other stores, with a very small space. Even sometimes for me it’s so difficult just to find the toilet.

It’s true that we always want something we don’t want..

In here, I’m dying to taste Indonesian foods.. mie ayam on the street with stinky sauce but taste like heaven, any gudeg Jogya is good for me now, rujak.. Oh my.. And I’m sure all these western people would be glad to taste Asian foods 🙂

I think there’s so many Asian foods in Paris with a long queue..

And above all, I don’t want to pay a fortune just to put my picture on the blog or facebook that I’ve ate on that expensive rustic restaurant! 

It’s ironic that it takes me to live here to realize how many fortune Jakarta’s people spend every month just to dine-out while you can have perfect dinner with your family at home..


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