linear regression

half an hour ago, I’m trying to focus on logistic study for Tuesday’s exam, but I were having brain freeze.. I’ve been procrastinating since last week (when I said I don’t have anything to do, instead I have tons to do.. the projects and exams..) but now I don’t have more time! I need to study NOW!

Yeah, so I did 1 small exercise, and it’s not that bad.. except the stupid calculator which made me so angry, why do I need to press shift all the time?? But after that I need a break, haha.. I feel so old.. and now I’m thinking to sleep.. Oh My God fortunately I don’t have so many exams, imagine my friends who has almost 10 exams! I’m too old for this..

I remember I begged to go back to school when I was working.. because I hate politics and maybe I just wanna run.. But now, I wanna run from here too! from the fact that I need to squeeze my brain again.. But I need to finish this, I’m old means I’m an adult, so no more running from reality!


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