There is no justice in my country..

but, sadly I still need to go back to a country that I don’t love..

Because someone I loved is there, and he loved to live in a jammed, flooding all the time, and one of the most polluted city in the world: Jakarta.

I just read story about Munir again, he’s the hero of human rights in Indonesia and 8 years ago he was killed by Indonesia’s elite military.. but until now justice hasn’t come yet. I heard sooo many stories where someone killed because they speak out loud about the crime happening in Indonesia, but after that something bad will happen.. either they’re killed, gone, or got into jail because of something they didn’t do.

So scary, really.

People knows in China there’s a lot of secret, terror, and you can’t speak for free.. but people thought Indonesia was okay, we’re a democratic country.. yet the fact is.. ZERO! we’re just as bad as another country, where money can buy law, justice, and souls..


I hope I can still be with you without going back to my country. I don’t wanna spend my life complaining about the land I lived.. I hope.


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