Okay, it took me more than a week to finally post my Italy trip! Of course the trip has been AWEsome, mostly because I’m with my beloved boyfriend! We haven’t met for 3 months, so the first meeting has been tremendously emotional 😛

We met at Paris Montparnasse station, then we go around Louvre museum (Musse du Louvre -in French) until the evening where we caught our airplane at Orly airport in the south of Paris. Be careful guys, for Orly airport the transportation was a bit tricky. I bought an unlimited weekend pass for 7.50 EUR per person because I thought it applied for Orly as well, since it applied for Charles De Gaulle airport (the main airport in Paris) but I was so shocked when we stucked at ORLY VAL interchange! Apparently our weekend pass was not allowed by the machine and we need to buy another ticket for around 12 EUR! Oh My God, it’s a total disaster!

Anyway, we went with easyjet, I bought the ticket since 3 months ago for around 50 EUR per person. Since easyjet and most of the budget airline in Europe only allowed one hand carry per person (if you don’t buy the baggage space), so we need to push everything inside our cabin luggage. My BF was kinda pissed because he went all the way from Indonesia and he can only bring 1 small luggage, LOL!

After approx. 1 hour on air, we finally arrived at Pisa international airport. As I knew before, Pisa airport is very small, yet it’s super convenient for tourists because we only need 15 minutes to go to the city center (even to Pisa tower). But since my hostel was nearby the airport, I need to find a way either by walking or shuttle bus to the airport parking lot. Me and my BF had little fight because it was late and we seen no shuttle bus operated around the airport! And I just knew that Italian service quality was so bad, they said there was a bus outside the airport, but we found none! Later we realized that they have no idea what we’re asking for, because they were talking about the bus to city center. OMG, I thought no country has customer service quality worse than France!

In short, I decided to walk and drag my luggage by following the arrows to the parking lot. After 15-20 minutes walk we finally arrived at B&B Cariola, which seemed kinda scary, LOL. But apparently it was very nice and we had a nice rest there. In the morning, we went to Pisa tower easily from the airport with paying only around 1.2 EUR!



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