Education VS Entrepreneurship


Recently I really love to watch Shark Tank, a reality show from the US about 5 venture capitalists who like to invests in good products. They’re all self-made billionaire who climbed their way up to the trees of money..

It’s so funny because when I saw all of their backgrounds, almost all of them grew their business from sense of entrepreneurship.. Many rich people in the US has started to sell things since they were children, and college only contribute small small portion of their success.

It’s funny because I were raised by a mom who’s sick being entrepreneur and she always mentioned to me over and over again the importance of education.. she always said, by being smart people, educated, having a MBA.. those will save your life from poverty.

Ah well.. it is funny.. now I know why I kept pacing myself in education area, because my mom always whispered it to me since I was a baby, I think. Ah well, Mom.. you’re not wrong, but you just don’t realize that you also has the right to be rich, whether you have education or not. The key is to work smart, not work hard..


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