The main reason I want to study in Europe (and not just travelling) is because I want to know about their culture, way of thinking, and habit.. blending with the people.

After 6 months living here, although I am not blending a lot because of language barrier, but I know approximately upside down about Europe.

1. Quality of Life

Because Europe is the most advanced area in the past (during Roman and Greek empire until World War I), then they are the most advanced as well in quality of life. Compare to other developed Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, Japan, or Singapore, with the same economics level, all of their citizens must work their ass off working 50 hours a week. I’ve been working in Singapore, so I know how Singaporean looooves working overtime..

In here, you can get same level of salary with less working hours.. yet this won’t happened for a long time, they will need to change in order to cope up with Asian empire..

2. Economy

Okay, we all know that Europe is a sinking ship. Low population growth, unbalanced pyramid of age (numbers of old people more than youngsters), and the fact that almost all European companies nearly have growth less than 10% every year..

No wonder all European companies spread their wings to developing countries where the market is huge, growing, with abundant of workforces.

No wonder European loves Indonesia! LOL..

3. Cleanliness, Manner..

This one, I think they are only a bit higher than us.. Okay, let’s not compare European city inhabitant with most Indonesian which live in a village. But, compare Parisien with Jakartans. Lot of french people, esp the youngsters also likes to make graffiti, littering, smoking in a public place, and bad toilet cleanliness.. for the later, I think Japanese is the greatest one πŸ™‚

So, overall.. this experience really open my eyes that my country is not that bad! We can catch up our gap if we want to work hard and be responsible! Ayeee..


6 thoughts on “Europe..

  1. You’re right. So, see, seemingly greener grass isn’t always factually that green at all.

    Though I’m not sure I unconditionally agree with your bold verdict that “Europe is a sinking ship” :).

    In my lifetime “Europe” rose like a phoenix from it’s economics ashes of the thirties, then from WWII, then from the Cold War and the Iron Wall, then from the oil-crises of the seventies and also from the economic slump in the eighties. There is no reason at all to think that will not happen again. Especially because the unprecedented, risky and daring EU project is a major and fascinating and promising challenge which only is in it’s early stages.

    It’s a commonplace but – as Indonesia’s recent history also proved after 1998 – a serious crisis is a golden opportunity for dynamic changes for the good :).

    I hope you will enjoy (perhaps even better then the first part) the remaining stages of your French experience and have a very happy private and very successful professional future after that :).

  2. Hi Cols, long time no see! πŸ™‚
    Yeah, sorry for that.. I stole that term from someone else πŸ™‚
    I know Europe won’t be sinking for sure, but they exaggerate it to show how bad Europe now.. But I think it doesn’t happened in Netherlands, when I went there everything is perfectly in place, indeed I LOVE IT! πŸ™‚

  3. Grrrrrrrrrrrr! You visited the Netherlands and you didn’t warn me? I should have met. I would have loved to offer you a meal, a drink and show you mediaeval Utrecht.

    (PS: This time around the Netherlands also is in an economic and political abyss. But, the likes of Martin Luther King sang in the sixties: “we shall overcome”.)

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