Ma Vie..

What is happiness?

Is it working in a place seemed like playground, surrounded by people look like your friends, or being with your family?

None of them.

Happiness is about finding yourself, taking chances, and listening to your heart.

As a human, we often made a stupid decision, regret about every mistakes happened in the past, but everything lead us to one conclusion: learning.

Life is a series of continuous learning, yet no human can make perfect decision and never looked back.

It is normal to follow your heart or your head, but then stop to think that it’s not a smart decision after all. But what is life without taking chances and challenges? It will just be another role play, musical drama, or a bird in a golden cage.

I am fully aware that after making some major decisions in life, I did not satisfied with the result and crawling.. yelling.. crying.. wishing that I could come back to the point where I made the decision. But, no, even though I looked back.. I will never change my decision. Moving to marketing, moving to Singapore, moving to France..

everything is a part of my life journey..

and now, I need to take another major decision in life.. Working or start my own business?

I still remember exactly how it feels to be a sandwich, how it feels to be right but everyone just blaming on you.. feels like a trash..

But I don’t want anyone to make me feel like that again.

I wanna proof to everyone who believes in me.. or doubt me.. that I can be success by my own hand.. let it be.. let it be..


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