10 months..

Here I am..

Almost in the end of my courses.. 2 weeks left for me for seeing my friends at the class. We have been studied together for almost 7 months, of course there are some people I can’t get along with.. but some people also left marks in my heart.. Oh Gosh, I feel sad already 🙂

I think now my task is to focus on the super great moment that happens in here, instead of thinking about D day in the future. God says, everything will happened in the right time.. So I need to change my character who always planning ahead and never enjoy the present moment.. I love Rennes, I love how the city serve me in a simple and small way, I love some of my friends.. I were having a GREAATTT time with them like never before.. I will miss every single inch of this city.. Every single moment..

This journey is one of the best moment in my life, I never regret my decision to go here and quit from my job. By getting lost here, I actually found myself.