Good karma and bad karma..

I believe in this world there’s a karma.

Good karma for everyone who’s doing a good deed without thinking what in return for them.

Bad karma for people who do bad things without thinking others.

I also believe there’s a soulmate for everything. In love, life, career, death, birth.. 

those situations will always come at the right time, just when you need it. 

Sounds naive, sounds vague. 

Some poor people might be dead before someone give them foods. I realized that. But I also went through my life journey, that my worry-ness will never resulting in anything. Only prayers and hardworking gave me something to gain.

Even tears make me stronger.

Therefore, I don’t care what happened now, with all of the uncertainties.. Things come and go in a sudden, but I don’t care.. I won’t change any of my life plan because of things that come in a sudden. Because I believe someOne up there has planned everything for me. just in time. just beautiful.

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