Writing this on my hostel’s lobby.. it’s funny how hotel has evolved to a hostel, where I see this hostel has everything similar to a real hotel: lobby, private bathroom, elevator, and so on.. while it doesn’t own a hostel should have: communal kitchen and a good wi-fi. I guess in the past this hotel used to be a hotel, a real one while it has evolved overtime responding to the increasing demand of budget travellers.
I’m currently on my travel mission (read: ambition) to go around Europe in 3 weeks with maximum budget 1000 usd. I know someone already done 6 months with budgey only 1000 usd, but she’s counting the hospitality club, with free stay and often free foods. I don’t know whether I can owe someone that much and foremost something that seemed scary is often never been tried.. If I’m not travelling with my mother, I would’ve try couch surfing..
Anyway it’s so funny how within 4 hours bus drive from Prague to Vienna, I can see such a significant difference between a thick Russian-Czech culture to a Jewish-German culture in Vienna.. I can’t imagine in the past these areas would’ve been so faraway!!
I enjoyed the Euro trip.. especially going to the areas I never been to.. It’s so exciting to see how people behave and living.. and it’s really weird to see Amsterdam people aren’t being so nice as when I went there my first time.. Hmm, very odd -.-


my hostel's lobby.. see the world is very small :))


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