Stop thinking and start doing

I really need to remember my old and classic motto, while I’m still in my bachelor degree!

Yeah, thinking wouldn’t solve anything, but action would!

I went to campus today and did some progress for my thesis, so I’m kinda happy or what 🙂

And of course, after came back to my room, I start browsing unimportant thing again plus it’s really dark here since 2 of my lamps died (again! 2 times in 6 months! I’m wondering they bought chinese brand bulb or what?)

And yeah, now is already 1:33 AM in the morning, me and my mum still awake. She will leave in another 3 days, I don’t know what I should feel really. Definitely I will lose a room-mate, well if you can say that since we always fought and she always silent with her youtube, LOL.

After came back from my Europe trip, I feel like I have all the time in my life! I can simply doing nothing in 1 day LOL, and I just realized that my previous classes were soooo packed. Packed than ever, so I always trying to take a break in the weekend or even sometimes I skipped the class because I’m too tired, and maybe plus the fact I need to cook my dinner every day.

But, now.. I have all the time in my life before coming back to Indonesia.

Oh No, I have random feeling about Indonesia. I will come back to those sights of beggars, trashes everywhere, polluted air.. no park and only malls!!

But I really MISS my boyfriend! I feel like I would trade anything in order to meet him! This is the moment when I wish someone succeed to create a teleport! And plus the fact he almost get his loan, so our wedding plan can come true. Okay, my plan and not his. I’m actually really sad to see him doesn’t have any spirit at all regarding this matter. It feels like he doesn’t love me at all! When he said “love you”, feels like he’s faking out or what.

I know, it’s so girly.. and what he did is so manly and I’m trying to understand that as he try to understood me for all these times. I do realized I have changed into a monster with all these movings (singapore, france..) and my ambition to keep everything doesn’t fall apart!

Well, there’s a price for everything.

When I decided to pursue what I called as “dream”, I know I need to abandon other things.. but I didn’t realize my life will suck without love, hehe.. Btw, I’m dying to get my period, huhu.. I don’t know what happened to my body.


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