Tonight I was waiting for the bus at Saint-Anne, a commercial area in Rennes. There are so many bars in Saint-Anne area, my French teacher once said there was one person killed at that area few years ago because he was in the wrong place and wrong time at that moment. I didn’t realize tonight is “Jeudi Soir”, means thursday night, which is a party night for Rennes youths.


Okay I know it’s weird because usually people partying at Friday night or Saturday night. But in Rennes, since one-third of populations are students from suburb area around Bretagne (Rennes is the capital or Bretagne), most of the students need to go back to their home in Friday night after school. That’s why they need to party at Thursday night, and I don’t know how they manage to get sober in Friday’s morning class.

In front of me, there is one girl with red lipstick, but she didn’t put the lipstick in a good shape (most likely because she was drunk). It reminds me of another girl with red lipstick too.. Few months ago my classmates, Ameena, was being invited by her neighbor to join his party. Because I was there at that moment, she forced me to come with her. I didn’t want to, but she kept forcing me until I decided to join her. There were 2 guys and 2 girls in the room, they said they have been drinking since last night (can you believe it? 1 day!). The floor was sticky and I saw dozens of beer bottles everywhere. OMG, I think they’re only 18-21 years old approximately.

I noticed one girl with a red lipstick, because she’s so pretty and I’m sure she can be a model if she wants to. But, she’s here.. wasting her time with guys which is not smarter than her (oops, sorry for the judgement, LOL). She tried to act wild, she drunk wine from the bottle, hold it like a real drunker then start to take off her sweater and I was thinking whether in the end they will have sex or not.. then it will turn into a rave party. But thanksfully we came out before any of those happened.

All those 2 girls, both in the bus and in that room.. reminds me of pretty little french girls who’s running through me on the road last month. With her cute voice, she was saying “pardon”. I am one of person who agreed that French girls are one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Usually they have brunette hair, light brown or hazel eyes, and all that looks that will reminds you of aristocrate feel. Well, not to mention the guys too *wink*

I just feel so so ironic.. that cute little girl who passed me by on the street, with her tiny feet and tiny coat, will soon become those drunk girls. I guess when you turn into 15-16, you will start to feel obliged to drink and have sex. I don’t know what the parents would feel, but I think it’s normal to be drunk here.

I’m not saying that Asian countries is better, since there are some Indonesian people I knew had a baby when they’re only 15. I was just thinking on how to make sure that your kids can socialized, but have a self-control not to ruined their own life. I think that would be parent’s greatest fear.

But again, it is so ironic to see how drunk is a pass-key to be cool and trendy here.

While my friend said, “I dont know, when you drunk, everything feel more fun”


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