Okay, I will go home soon to my (not so) beloved country. WHY?

first, the fact that I’m one of the Chinese-Indonesian minority which continuously lived in a stigma that we robbed all Indonesian people money! Oh My God, when can they get over it..

Second, the fact that most of them still very uneducated and still calling us with chinese-mocking name such as “Amoy” or “Sanchai” when we’re walking on the street.

Third, because the AWFUL generative non-destroyable corruptions in Indonesia. Lots of smart people want to contribute their brain to make Indonesia become a greater nation, but they always beaten by culture! I was so confused how to cure this country, do we really need to kill all those old bureaucrat to eliminate the corruption culture?

ABOVE all..

the first and main schedule for Indonesian president is to reduce traffic jam significantly. This has been the strongest reason for brain drain in Indonesia, and if this keep happened, in the future this country will be even sicker..

Pollution and traffic jam! Double trouble!

Pollution and traffic jam! Double trouble!


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