I guess that what people said when something does not happened as expected!

It’s unavoidable and can be.. annoying!

I was prepared for my job interview today. I woke up 1 hour before, getting ready, make sure I looks perfect on the camera. But time went by, it was 10:10 AM (supposed to be 10 AM) and nothing happened!

I had a bad feeling, then I contacted the recruiter to ask. She was surprised and she said she’ll get back to me. I ended up waiting ’til 10:30 AM, and I need to go to the toilet. I was shocked to see my Gmail when the recruiter said I didn’t pick up my phone, indeed my phone was with me all the time (except when I went to toilet, obviously..). The interviewer called me 4 times, she said. I didn’t receive any call. I was really confused because I don’t know what to do! And she said, he kinda upset because of that.. well, that’s not my fault.. So both sides are kinda upset now, thanks to technology! 😦

I feel like this is a jinx or hiccup, or whatever people wanna call it.. and it feels baaaddd when you prepare for something but it’s being delayed or postponed. But I was praying before and ask God for the best thing to happen. If I have faith, that means I believe that this happen for a reason, a good reason.

Therefore, put my smile and carry on!


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