Bridezilla: Yohannes Bridal

Today me and BF went to Yohannes bridal since they have a very interesting promo! 7.8 mio IDR only, including bridal gown, make-up for bride, moms, and bridesmaid, and prewedding indoor photo! It’s super cheap, none can beat them, even a new bridal. 

When I went there, I was amazed with a bride which just done her make-up there.. she looks amazing, flawless, and her hair do accessories is exactly like what I wanted! Basically, I was ‘amazed’ at the first sight.

Then I saw their wedding gown collections, it was only 5 mio IDR gown range, which is the cheapest.. but I think they were quite nice with a lots of sequins.

The marketing girl also quite nice and she didn’t push me to upgrade my package nor take the offer ASAP.. 

She did tell me that we can upgrade the photo sessions, because currently we can only get 10 photos wearing 1 gown, and if I add 1.5 mio IDR, I can get 20 photos with 3 other gowns. Well, I’ll think about it.. :))

Then if I want to upgrade the canvas picture from 50x60cm to 70x100cm, I also need to add 600,000 IDR.. 

After talking with BF, I finally paid the downpayment, which is 75% from the total amount 7.8 mio. We did a financial analysis, LOL.. to add 600,000 for canvas 70x100cm and 2.5 mio IDR for the cost of asking make-up artist to come to our venue for the retouch session.

Yippiii! I hope I made the right decision 😀


2 thoughts on “Bridezilla: Yohannes Bridal

  1. Hi steph…salam kenal yah..
    Interesting baca blogmu yg kisahnya mirip2 sama aku..
    Sempet naksir berat sama JJ krn photo prewed dan make up nya baguss tapi akhirnya memutuskan ke Yohannes..(dan masii wondering.smoga yohannes keputusan yg tepat)
    Btw..kamu weddingnya kapan?

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