Hey.. I’m 28 now.
I never imagined that at 28 years old I will still feel the “lost in life” stage.
I had a way different imagination when I was in school, picturing myself at this age. But well, I can say that I’m pretty much at where I was picturing myself, in terms of busy-ness. I always dreamed to be a super busy business woman.
I got all my dream comes true anyway :))
I got to pursue my master degree, I got a marketing career, worked at Google, and now super duper busy :))
But, there’s only 1 thing I didn’t picture before: I’m not happy.


Am I somekind of bitch?
I got everything people could dream of, but am still unhappy!

I got a great man besides me, soon to be married.
What else could I ask?
I know, I’m super bitchy!!
I’m trying to remember were I happy when I was in Singapore, France…?
Not really.
I always have excuses to tell the world: I’m unhappy!
What if everything has been taken from you? Can you still say you’re unhappy?

Okay, let make things clear.
I’m happy with my bf, I’m happy being close with him. I’m happy because I don’t need to be alone when I’m sick anymore! #liketonight

But somehow I just hate my job. That’s the reason of my unhappiness 😦
But God didn’t open another door for me to jump.. maybe because He doesn’t want me to jump. Maybe because he wants me to face reality #bestrong!

Maybe because he wants me to start my own business?
Which one?
I am sooooo scattered lately!!
Be focus on one goal, and work on it!