Yohannes bridal: De caption photography

I don’t know whether De caption owned by Yohannes or not, because theh have similar layout for their promo banners.

Anyway, in my wedding package, I got 10 times photograph with them and I’ve been searching the samples of their portfolios as well *a real bridezilla, lol.

And for this reason, I found jj bride instagram!! It made me feel ngiler! Because their indoor photograph feels really modern huhu..

See the difference:
De caption photography
Find them by searching tag #decaptionphotography in instagram



JJ bride

Find them by searching by tags #JJbride in Instagram 🙂


But anyway, no regret!

From the beginning I know that JJ bride photos are amaziiiinggg.. but its ridiculously expensive, cheapest package starts from 14.8 mio, but often people pay more because their CS are very persuasive.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Yohannes bridal: De caption photography

  1. Hi Stephanie. Blh lihat hasil make up willy gak? Klo blh di email. Skrg sdg galau apk mw ambil paket Yohanes/gak. Thanks before yaaa

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