Yohannes Bridal make-up artist

Okay, as far as I know, Yohannes bridal has around 2 senior MUAs and 4 junior MUAs.
The 2 seniors are: Harry and Willy.
The 4 juniors are: Susan, Yogi, Anang & Jaka.
I was trying to get all their make-up samples because Yohannes has been famous for a very thick face changing make-up (bahasa: medok).
After thousand years looking in instagram, facebook, and blogwalking & cooperating with my friend who also has booked Yohannes bridal and had the same concern, here’s the samples:
He has a very active instagram account: @harrymakeupartist. Try to visit them!
I personally think his make-up is too thick.


2. Willy
When I went to Yohannes, it was willy who did the make-up for the Bride that day, and she looks so flawless!
But he’s nowhere in social media, so I haven’t sure about his photo samples 😦

3. Susan
Some of her masterpiece were amazing, but some of them were too thick and overwhelming as well.
you can easily find it by searching for #susanyohannes tag in instagram, because her instagram account is locked (private)


3. Yogi


4. Jaka


5. Anang
Unfortunately I haven’t found it! 😦

Btw, I found this picture showed make-up by Yohannes which I found not very stunning.. lol


So which one you think better?
I finally chosen Willy!
Love at the first sight, lol..


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