After back to Indonesia.. time to go to Bali?

When I was freezing at Rennes.. I promised to myself that I will go to Bali as soon as I got back to Indonesia!

But, after back here.. I haven’t even book a flight ticket to Bali. I always being very considerate, especially regarding the cost. Well, to be honest I’ve been going so many times to Bali, maybe around 5 times in my life, and I have random memories about Bali. Some of them were great, but some of them were plain boring, hot, and not as beautiful as those Hollywood celebrities said!

I don’t know why Tyra Banks said Bali is the most beautiful place in the world on her show.. For me and most Indonesian, Bali is not that beautiful.. definitely more beautiful than the beaches in Europe, but it’s still overrated.


Wedding Fair 29 Nov-1 Dec 2013

Last week I went to wedding exhibition held by Weddingku. They had numerous vendors, but the arrangement wasn’t very nice because the map is only showing list of vendors without exact location. Even worst, there are some vendors weren’t on the list, such as Jonquilla!


Anyway, we finally booked some vendors:

1. Wong Hang >> Groom’s suit. We got quite a nice deal, I guess. Total were 3.3 mio for 1 piece of suit with made from wool fabric, vest, custom made shirt, and a tie. If you order the suit only, the normal price was 3 mio for the tailoring cost and the fabric cost around 900 thousand IDR. We chose Wong Hang because they’ve succeed to convince my BF that you only need 1 suit for the rest of your life. They gave lifetime guarantee to adjust the suit’s size up to 7kg (Well, most of guys gain more than 7 kg after 30.. So I think it won’t be his only suit, LOL). Anyway, other suits vendor such as Harry Palmer or Brutus, charged us moooree than that. The only vendor which can gave us cheaper price was Creativo, they offered us 4.5 mio package and we can get 2 suits package and 1 shoes.

2. GBU Trans >> They charged us 1.8 mio for Nissan Serena 2013 for usage 24 hours. They promise they won’t charge overtime, and it’s include gasoline and driver fee (exclude toll fee & parking).

3. Catering >> We finally decided to book Awen Catering (one of Gedung Arsip’s vendor) because they gave us so many bonuses! YAY! Hopefully they’ll serve good foods!


I hope we made the right decision 🙂


working means..
there will be some days when everything feels so light and enjoyable..
but there’s some days when your body feels cramped and your mind feels so blocked because of all the workload and pressures..

Review: Tré Semme Thermal Protection Spray


Bought this Tré Semme spray when I was still in France, yet I bought it from Amazon US because US got all the best yet cheap cosmetics!! *envy*
I bought this for 8 USD something, and the bottle is super big! My BF was kind enough to bring it back for me 🙂
I bought this product because I use hair straightener very often and my hair was screaming outloud (plus I straightened my hair 2 times in a year) -I know, I’ve abused my hair! Thats why I decided to protect my hair with this product.

Overall I don’t feel any direct impact to my hair. But, this spray didn’t ruin it either, so I pretty much have neutral opinion to this product, also it has a nice fragrance 🙂

Bridezilla: Venue!


I just booked my wedding venue last week, and it’s taa-daa.. GEDUNG ARSIP!

The package is not bad, not so pricey but not cheap as well.. anyway I think it’s my time to at least make few of my dream comes true.. I want a garden-romantic-party. Good for me, because Mrs Arianni said that as per October 2014, the management will be changed, so I might be some of the lucky brides who could enjoy an affordable wedding there 🙂

Fasilitas Gedung* :
  •            Tempat resepsi berupa gedung utama lantai bawah dan
  •            taman belakang dengan kapasitas + 1500 orang
  •            Bonus 50 buah kursi futura + cover & 1 unit misty cool
  •           (Jika ingin menyewa pawang hujan, dikenakan biaya Rp 1.050.000)
Fasilitas Dekorasi :
  •           Dekorasi pelaminan eksklusif
  •           (bebas memilih model & warna)
  •           Mini garden (fresh flower)
Fasilitas Catering :
  •           500 porsi buffet dengan 6 macam menu utama
  •           Dekorasi menarik untuk buffet dan dessert (fresh flower)
  •           Aneka buah, puding, snack & soft drinks
  •           Air putih (tak terbatas)

Bonus :

  •          1 pasang initial ice carving
  •          1 ekor kambing guling atau 2 galon es puter (pilih salah satu)
Fasilitas Hiburan :
  •          MC & penyanyi
  •          Sound system & pemain keyboard
romantic! <3

romantic! ❤



I finally realized that life is a combination of changes, and one thing that certain is the uncertainty itself.

After 5 months settling down in Indonesia, I realized that human could not change in an instant, yet we need time to adjust. There some people blessed with the ability to adjust, yet most human needs TIME.

But for sure, GOD is greater than all your problem.

And thank YOU GOD for all the lessons, blessings, and love that you have given up to this moment.

Success, failure, hope, bitterness.. I embrace everything as part of the beauty of life.

Be patient MY Child, and live your life to the fullest.

Take every chance, try everything.

It might leads you to something you never imagine, but NO regret.