a year ago..

a year ago, the same Easter.. I was in France, and I didn’t even think going to the church, because I don’t understand what the Pastor said. During 10 months there, I only went to church about 2-3 times to really pray.. while the rest are only visiting the church for sightseeing.

It is quite ironic that my biggest dream has -apparently, makes me far from God. It is God who allows me to reach that dream, but apparently it makes me far-faraway from him. I think that’s why He sent me back here 🙂

Skin care review: La-roche Posay

Skin care review: La-roche Posay

As a make-up lover, I’m going to start my make-up review 😀
Hope it helps you girls when finding the right make up, especially for Asian girls! 😀

La-roche Posay!

My latest fav skin care brand, found it while I’m studying in France. At that moment, my skin was completely ruined because of the weather. My face was dried yet has a lot of acne! Such a terrible combination!

I was trying so many brand, from Yves Rocher (which quite working to make it more moisturized, but my acne was still there). Then, I tried this brand because I was looking at their BB creme banner on the pharmacy nearby my campus. At first, I didn’t know that they have so many ranges of product, because it was shown on the letter after “Effaclar”. At first, I bought Effaclar-K which apparently to get rid of blemishes. It got a bonus of a miracle water, some kind like a toner. But it does really work like magic!

My skin was getting better and my friend was asking, “how come your skin is so smooth now??”

I was giggling, hihihi..

And apparently, she’s actually using the same brand, yet she’s using Effaclar Duo but not in a routine manner. Thus, she doesn’t really feel the impact. Then, I decided to buy the duo, because it claims to get rid of overall skin imperfections.

Actually… the miracle water worked really well, unfortunately I just found ’em 2 months before am leaving France, thus I couldn’t bring so much liquid on my overweight luggage, LOL.

I don’t know whether this brand exists in Indonesia or not, but if it is, it must become super expensive like ROC!!

La Nuit Indonésienne

Yesterday I just had an amazing night watching (some of) Indonesian traditional dances at La Nuit Indonésienne (French words for Indonesian night)!

Cant’t believe that I never watched it live my whole life and watch it in France when I’m already 27!

I feel kinda ashamed and I promise to myself to appreciate more of Indonesian culture although they tend to treat us (Chinese-Indonesian) like a foreigner, but since we had the green passport (of Indonesia), we need to be proud of our motherland! 🙂

Saman dance from Aceh region, often called as  "The dance of 1 thousand hands!". Simply awesome, you must see it!

Saman dance from Aceh region, often called as “The dance of 1 thousand hands!”. Simply awesome, you must see it with your bare eyes!

Pendet dance from Bali

Pendet dance from Bali


Papua’s dance

la nuit

Javanais Dance

Me and my friends :) Had an AWEsome night!

Me and my friends 🙂 Had an AWEsome night!


Tonight I was waiting for the bus at Saint-Anne, a commercial area in Rennes. There are so many bars in Saint-Anne area, my French teacher once said there was one person killed at that area few years ago because he was in the wrong place and wrong time at that moment. I didn’t realize tonight is “Jeudi Soir”, means thursday night, which is a party night for Rennes youths.


Okay I know it’s weird because usually people partying at Friday night or Saturday night. But in Rennes, since one-third of populations are students from suburb area around Bretagne (Rennes is the capital or Bretagne), most of the students need to go back to their home in Friday night after school. That’s why they need to party at Thursday night, and I don’t know how they manage to get sober in Friday’s morning class.

In front of me, there is one girl with red lipstick, but she didn’t put the lipstick in a good shape (most likely because she was drunk). It reminds me of another girl with red lipstick too.. Few months ago my classmates, Ameena, was being invited by her neighbor to join his party. Because I was there at that moment, she forced me to come with her. I didn’t want to, but she kept forcing me until I decided to join her. There were 2 guys and 2 girls in the room, they said they have been drinking since last night (can you believe it? 1 day!). The floor was sticky and I saw dozens of beer bottles everywhere. OMG, I think they’re only 18-21 years old approximately.

I noticed one girl with a red lipstick, because she’s so pretty and I’m sure she can be a model if she wants to. But, she’s here.. wasting her time with guys which is not smarter than her (oops, sorry for the judgement, LOL). She tried to act wild, she drunk wine from the bottle, hold it like a real drunker then start to take off her sweater and I was thinking whether in the end they will have sex or not.. then it will turn into a rave party. But thanksfully we came out before any of those happened.

All those 2 girls, both in the bus and in that room.. reminds me of pretty little french girls who’s running through me on the road last month. With her cute voice, she was saying “pardon”. I am one of person who agreed that French girls are one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Usually they have brunette hair, light brown or hazel eyes, and all that looks that will reminds you of aristocrate feel. Well, not to mention the guys too *wink*

I just feel so so ironic.. that cute little girl who passed me by on the street, with her tiny feet and tiny coat, will soon become those drunk girls. I guess when you turn into 15-16, you will start to feel obliged to drink and have sex. I don’t know what the parents would feel, but I think it’s normal to be drunk here.

I’m not saying that Asian countries is better, since there are some Indonesian people I knew had a baby when they’re only 15. I was just thinking on how to make sure that your kids can socialized, but have a self-control not to ruined their own life. I think that would be parent’s greatest fear.

But again, it is so ironic to see how drunk is a pass-key to be cool and trendy here.

While my friend said, “I dont know, when you drunk, everything feel more fun”

6 weeks study time left.. :)

I remember why did I insist on having this post grad degree, yes at first it was because of the pride I’d be getting for staying and studying overseas. But, furthermore is because I want to have a career gap. I was so sick and nausea with the office politics, so I decided to getaway from the craziness and thinking of a career as a lecturer.

Well, here I am, I’ve passed 4 months in 2012 in bitter and sweet moments, where I got sick and also tried to save my relationship. I was blaming myself because if I didn’t decided to go here, then my BF wouldn’t feel that sad.. but after I met him and having a nice holiday in Italy, I started to see everything in the brightest side.. Hence, I still really wanna go home.

I hope my mother able to go here, at least she can gives me a hint of a home taste.. I know I will go through fights with her.. but as long as it’s not forever, it’s OK, LOL…

Anyway, I’ve count our schedule.. we only have 6 weeks left to study, after that we’ll have few days to do exam. I’m surely gonna miss my friends when they’re leaving one by one.. And me myself, when it is time for me to leave, I’m gonna miss this place.. my ugly room, yet I really love the city.. it’s cheap and convenient to travel anywhere 🙂

Bisous Rennes..

And not to mention when I came home with pride, taking MBA degree at the back of my name 🙂

Life in France after 6 months :D

Me and my college friends! :D

Me and my college friends! 😀

Yeaayy.. I made here almost 6 months!

To be precise, 5 and half months I guess 🙂

Lots of troubles, lots of losses, lots of tears.. but also lots of laugh, lots of cherish  and gain a lot of life knowledges..

Met a lot of people from all over the world, from Asia to North America, From Africa to Latin America. Share thoughts, not always align, but we understand each others..

I love this city, the size that it’s not too small, but not as big as Paris or even Lille, when I always worried someone will steal my wallet on the road. France is not perfect, as other countries are. Wherever we live, we always take it for granted.

Indonesia, Singapore, France.. wherever it is.. we always come with “awe” comes our from our mouth, but after sometimes it becomes dull and tiring..

There will always be something that is lacking.. lacking of efficient bureaucracy is the most critical and annoying thing living in France. Of course my ultimate benchmark will be Singapore, where everything is so efficient and simple.. But I always remember the Singapore complaint choir which I laughed together with my BF at that moment. Singaporean were so ungrateful, we wish they live in Jakarta and feel the traffic hell, I wish they will immediately swim to Singapore, LOL!

The only pull factor for me in here is my relationship. Of course, whoever said LDR is piece of cake is crazy.. It is damn hard and can be heartbreaking sometimes. But, this is actually the best test for your love.. How can you know that you really love someone, not only blissful lust or due to location?

How can you keep faithful to one person that is not being there for you? When you cried, he’s not there. When you’re sick, she’s away thousand miles. When you need someone to hug, all you got is a bear or a giraffe doll.. But that’s it.

All the answers of those questions will lead to one thing, it is the power of love.

If you can go through this, your relationship will goes stronger..

And actually LDR can also be somehow romantic, because the only thing you’ll always remember is the good memories, not the bad one. And every time you remember it, all those butterflies will fill in your tummy and create that za-za-zu feeling (Carrie’s terms for those butterflies. Have you watched sex and the city, yet? ;))

Or even simple things when your waking up your BF despite the time difference of 6 hours, but you still remember what time is it in Indonesia.. therefore he feels that you’re always there, even though not physically.

Maybe even a couple who lives together missed these romanticism, because as the country rules, it’s also applied to all the things in life.. when you have something, you always take it for granted.

I’m gonna miss these moments for sure.. All the romanticism, even our Italy trip which feels challenging yet interesting 🙂

Back to the France thingy..

When I go back to Indonesia (which might be around April to June), I will surely miss these moments when I just need 10-15 minutes to go to college.. Yeah, I got the same timing when I was in Bandung, by foot. But, I surely won’t get that time luxury anymore when I got back to Bogor or Jakarta 😉

Everything in here seemed so developed, from the road, transportation, metro.. even somehow the habit is not. To be honest, all of my image about western people kinda change in here.. but I’ve achieved my goals, a life changing experience 😉

Change in the way of thinking, not to be shallow anymore and seeing the fact rather than what we saw in the television or books.

Either 2, 3, or 4 months again in here.. I still appreciate the great chance that God has given to me.. to taste the Napoleon country.. to see what makes it became the fifth greatest economy in the world.. to become smarter in life and live by choice.

Not every people has the luxury to live by choice.. and indeed the more developed country the lived in, the more options they have. I just wish many Indonesian will get more chances, and they don’t need to work their ass off just like me.. I got so many bumpy road to be in this point. All those blood, tears, time, and disappointment now has paid off..

This is the taste of a dream comes true.. sometimes it can be bitter and sweet 🙂

C’est la vie :)

I used that word many years ago because I like a song titled “c’est la vie”. And now, after living in France, I knew that the words are true.

Literally, it means.. “it’s life”.

When I arrived here, I was so stunned with all the old yet pretty things they have in this city. I can imagine myself living here for good. But, I couldn’t accept that I was living in an ugly room and I kept complaining for months. After so many things happened onwards..

The ugly situations between me and my BF who changed my decision to pursue my dream.. because I realized I was unhappy without him.

All the disasters happened in this dormitory.. the super disgusting toilet which I saw so many times, the sex sounds, the drunk African, and got sick.. it was all the bad moments in life, but I kept reminding myself that this is what I asked for.

I was coming here because I don’t wanna sit in my golden cage.

And despite of all the ugly things, I still love this city 🙂

And I am grateful that God gave me a chance to stay here and absorb all the diversities. That’s when I say to myself..

“c’est la vie”

Sometimes life give you lemon.. which is bitter and uncomfortable. But in the end you will realize that it will be bad if you think that way. If you turn the lemon into lemonade, you will start enjoying it and feel like life never been sweeter 🙂

It doesn’t take a genius to do that, you just need to be grateful for all the better thing you had compare to the people in India, as an example.

And I start to do it now 🙂

I don’t care even though I lost money, I feel disturbed, I feel unlucky.. but that’s not my choice. Sometimes life doesn’t give me a choice. But, it is my choice to be upset or happy. And my choice will determine my life.

I am so contented now, when I finally accepting things, and do not questioning.

I remember one of my friend, z, she used to be my motivator because she always makes impossible things becoming possible. But now, I think that she’s over the line when she’s no longer grateful of what she has. I will stop becoming that person, yet I will start to enjoy life just what my BF does 🙂

He taught me a lot how to live the life without being ambitious. Life is about working on what you love the most, not competing with others.

C’est la vie, mes amis.. Elle est belle 🙂