a year ago..

a year ago, the same Easter.. I was in France, and I didn’t even think going to the church, because I don’t understand what the Pastor said. During 10 months there, I only went to church about 2-3 times to really pray.. while the rest are only visiting the church for sightseeing.

It is quite ironic that my biggest dream has -apparently, makes me far from God. It is God who allows me to reach that dream, but apparently it makes me far-faraway from him. I think that’s why He sent me back here 🙂



I finally realized that life is a combination of changes, and one thing that certain is the uncertainty itself.

After 5 months settling down in Indonesia, I realized that human could not change in an instant, yet we need time to adjust. There some people blessed with the ability to adjust, yet most human needs TIME.

But for sure, GOD is greater than all your problem.

And thank YOU GOD for all the lessons, blessings, and love that you have given up to this moment.

Success, failure, hope, bitterness.. I embrace everything as part of the beauty of life.

Be patient MY Child, and live your life to the fullest.

Take every chance, try everything.

It might leads you to something you never imagine, but NO regret.