Rennes Living Guide – Shopping

Below are the shopping guidance in Rennes:

Hidden Jewel

SAGA is located right besides ZARA

SAGA is located right besides ZARA

SAGA – this store located in the middle of Saint-Anne and Republique, you can find it easily because it’s very near to Zara. They sell a very cheap cosmetics, even cheaper than any supermarket (usually in France, the same products has different price when sold at cosmetic counter in Lafayette or Monoprix and it is cheaper to buy them the supermarket although the product is 100% similar). I think the reason is because their product is imported from Eastern European or old stock. One time I want to buy Maybelline eyeliner gel, but they only have black gold color instead of blackest black.

2 Euro store – this is the only 2 euro store I can find in Rennes, although I’m sure there are also 1 Euro or another 2 Euro store in the peripheral of Rennes. You can find big plastic ware or some home deco here. Just walk from Zara to the left, then you will see a store with blue banner like this:

This store located right across republique. You might miss this store because it's pretty small

This store located right across republique. You might miss this store because it’s pretty small

Shopping Centre

La Visitation This mini-mall contains H&M, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Italian cosmetic brand “Kiko”, electronic shop “Boulanger” and so on. This mall is super small, but if you need a quick grab from the city, you can just stroll here! And for H&M, it’s good to check their store every week because they always have a sudden sale! đŸ™‚

Colombier This shopping mall is quite big for Rennes size, because it’s very hard to find a big mall in this city especially the one who has more than 1 floor.  You can find monoprix, yves rocher, Andre, H&M, McDonalds, etc here. By the way, McDonalds here open from morning ’til 11 PM and they also open in Sunday. So it’s pretty helpful if you need wi-fi during weekend or night, just buy a cup of coffee or ice-cream then you can enjoy surfing the net for hours!

  • How to get there: You can literally walk a straight line from Republique or take metro, bus no 1, bus no 9, etc. There’s plenty of transportation to this area.

Saint-Gregoire Mall – Actually I am not sure about the real name of this mall, because their name is not visible on the building itself. They have MANGO (yay! for me, this is the closest MANGO store even though they have 1 section in Lafayette but it’s very small), Leclerc (however, I had a feeling that Leclerc in this mall is a bit more expensive than the one on Cleunay), H&M (ppsstt.. whenever your favorite stuffs out of stock in La visitation or Colombier, you can always go here and usually they have the stock! The reason is because this H&M store is less crowded than the others), Cache-cache, and some other stores.

Alma – This mall is basically Carrefour and some other stores. They also have Go-Sport, a sport apparel store. I bought my nike shoes only for 30 EUR here! *big grin*. They also have MANGO, NAF-NAF, etc.

  • How to get there: Bus no 3, go off on the last stop.

Cleunay – This mall also basically Leclerc with some other stores, such as Promod. I personally think Leclerc is the cheaper and biggest in town.

How to get there: Bus no 9, go off on the last stop.