Yohannes bridal: De caption photography

I don’t know whether De caption owned by Yohannes or not, because theh have similar layout for their promo banners.

Anyway, in my wedding package, I got 10 times photograph with them and I’ve been searching the samples of their portfolios as well *a real bridezilla, lol.

And for this reason, I found jj bride instagram!! It made me feel ngiler! Because their indoor photograph feels really modern huhu..

See the difference:
De caption photography
Find them by searching tag #decaptionphotography in instagram



JJ bride

Find them by searching by tags #JJbride in Instagram 🙂


But anyway, no regret!

From the beginning I know that JJ bride photos are amaziiiinggg.. but its ridiculously expensive, cheapest package starts from 14.8 mio, but often people pay more because their CS are very persuasive.

What do you think?


Yohannes Bridal make-up artist

Okay, as far as I know, Yohannes bridal has around 2 senior MUAs and 4 junior MUAs.
The 2 seniors are: Harry and Willy.
The 4 juniors are: Susan, Yogi, Anang & Jaka.
I was trying to get all their make-up samples because Yohannes has been famous for a very thick face changing make-up (bahasa: medok).
After thousand years looking in instagram, facebook, and blogwalking & cooperating with my friend who also has booked Yohannes bridal and had the same concern, here’s the samples:
He has a very active instagram account: @harrymakeupartist. Try to visit them!
I personally think his make-up is too thick.


2. Willy
When I went to Yohannes, it was willy who did the make-up for the Bride that day, and she looks so flawless!
But he’s nowhere in social media, so I haven’t sure about his photo samples 😦

3. Susan
Some of her masterpiece were amazing, but some of them were too thick and overwhelming as well.
you can easily find it by searching for #susanyohannes tag in instagram, because her instagram account is locked (private)


3. Yogi


4. Jaka


5. Anang
Unfortunately I haven’t found it! 😦

Btw, I found this picture showed make-up by Yohannes which I found not very stunning.. lol


So which one you think better?
I finally chosen Willy!
Love at the first sight, lol..

Bridezilla: Yohannes Bridal

Today me and BF went to Yohannes bridal since they have a very interesting promo! 7.8 mio IDR only, including bridal gown, make-up for bride, moms, and bridesmaid, and prewedding indoor photo! It’s super cheap, none can beat them, even a new bridal. 

When I went there, I was amazed with a bride which just done her make-up there.. she looks amazing, flawless, and her hair do accessories is exactly like what I wanted! Basically, I was ‘amazed’ at the first sight.

Then I saw their wedding gown collections, it was only 5 mio IDR gown range, which is the cheapest.. but I think they were quite nice with a lots of sequins.

The marketing girl also quite nice and she didn’t push me to upgrade my package nor take the offer ASAP.. 

She did tell me that we can upgrade the photo sessions, because currently we can only get 10 photos wearing 1 gown, and if I add 1.5 mio IDR, I can get 20 photos with 3 other gowns. Well, I’ll think about it.. :))

Then if I want to upgrade the canvas picture from 50x60cm to 70x100cm, I also need to add 600,000 IDR.. 

After talking with BF, I finally paid the downpayment, which is 75% from the total amount 7.8 mio. We did a financial analysis, LOL.. to add 600,000 for canvas 70x100cm and 2.5 mio IDR for the cost of asking make-up artist to come to our venue for the retouch session.

Yippiii! I hope I made the right decision 😀