So, few weeks ago he has proposed (yeah, you can say that way). It wasn’t very romantic, no surprise, nothing.. well, you’re in Indonesia, what can you expect? here, guys never really propose, they just say to their parents that they want to get married.. I guess because they’re shy, or it just the way it is.. LOL..


The journey starts, after a lot of juggling and everything.. Started from:


Yeah, lots of rich people and couples are getting married every weekend now and then in Jakarta, so we need to focus on this one, yet the date is not determined yet because his mum still need to check on chinese calendar.

Initially, I wanted to held it in an outdoor concept. I already have a lot of pictures on my mind on how my wedding supposed to be. Yet, his mum said the wedding should be held on the “ber” months, means september onwards. Oh No, means it will be a rainy season, and it’s very risky to held an outdoor event during rainy season, you better kill yourself, lol..

I have contacted some of outdoor venue, such as:

Gedung Arsip

Package 2013 around 79.5 million for 500 pax, already include catering, mini garden decoration (am sure you need to add more), and MC. Not bad, actually!


This is my ideal outdoor wedding in mind 🙂

Thus, his mum prefer to have it in a hotel.. then we started the hotel hunting today!

1. Aryaduta Hotel (poolside)

My bf likes is very much. The cheapest package is 75 million IDR for 200 pax (yeah, it’s still super expensive!).

2. Akmani Hotel

The ballroom is pretty small, yet the price does make sense. The package priced at 65 million ++ (21% hotel tax) for 300 pax.

3. Acacia Hotel

The package priced at 88 million for 400 pax, not bad though, but the ballroom is a bit old. Not my favorite, but in terms of space, this is the biggest affordable ballroom I’ve seen.

4. Ibis Tamarin

Never ever held a wedding here! They just have a small pool area, I can’t even imagine how to fit 300 people in that area! I haven’t asked the package price, because I’m not very interested.


I never been really pissed like this for a long time, I guess..

I’m angry with the system, with the support, and with the heavy expectation that the client and my boss wanted..

I am super pissed..

I am about to make decision, not a big time.. but I really wanted to go. I’m just really sick with this and I feel like I’m wasting my time!

My friend once said, don’t waste your time and don’t waste theirs..

So, voila!