yesterday he asked me to be his girl… in a proper restaurant called “d’apartment”.

well, it’s true.. sometimes you don’t need to ask for something.. u just need to wait until it’s best time, and it will comes to you in a perfect way 🙂

he planned everything.

restaurant reservation, holding my hands, and say the words…

he told me, he planned to do it last week, but that tragedy happened (my friend, lost her bag….), and it kinda made him… well, you know what you feel when you plan something and it didn’t happened…. hehehhe… sucks… :p

well, anyway… i will take it all easy. my aim right now is postgrad. it runs in my blood and vein! and i need supportive man to be able to achieve it…. and i think that’s him 🙂

nap nap nap

learn not to nap in the evening!!!

result: yellow mellow… in fact i got tons to do!! cleaning up my unbelievable messy room, washing clothes, wearing my face mask!! arrrghhh.. my face!!! now it got several acnes…. huhuhuhu…. i need skin doctor…. being a girl is so expensive!

what happened today

1. my boss just saw us today… dunno what will happened in Monday.

2. he use that shorties again, the one that make him looks fatter and shorter… Gosh, someday i’ll find a way to tell him to use shorter and more fit pants.

3. he’s not handsome, sometime he looks nice.. but what makes me want to hold his hand is because of his kindness… the way he served my meal (yes, he served me, not i’m serving him…), the way he prioritize my need, the way he ask me out today when he saw my facebook status (cloudy sunday…..).

4. I go to church today, and i feel like missing God a lot.. i miss my family also. I promised myself, I will come home this weekend.


my friend just lost her bag contains her laptop, blackberry bold, wallet and all!!! it happened when we hang-out at cilandak town square, precisely at jco donuts. OMG!!! i really hate those burglar, or anything they called…. i hate them because they don’t understand how stuffs mean for us… mostly, it’s not about the money, but it’s about the history and memories inside….

oh, so awful…

she cried on my shoulder, i tried to hug and comfort her… OMG, it really broke my heart to see her sadness, and i will act the same if i’m in her position… or maybe i’ll fainted….

OMG… i’m speechless…

i can’t forget that moment…

the moment when she almost lost everything she had…

but, it brings a meaning for me. He came to pick-me-up, but he had to be stuck in that awful situation.. so, at that moment i really saw straight to his eyes. say thank u, sorry, thank u, sorry for several times.

i don’t know, but something blast on my mind, it seemed that God create this moment for me to realize that he’s a nice guy. and yes, now i like him more than before…. doubled than last week.

I hope i can manage my feeling well 🙂

honda tvc commercial

just saw honda freed tvc commercial and saw honda jazz commercial few weeks ago.

apparently now honda is trying to “knock” people’s emotion. Good song, collage of family images and activities, lots of different faces expressions (have fun, thrilled, smiling).

slightly, car and emotion, it doesn’t connected.

but, most of us buy car based on our impulsive and pride needs, otherwise we’ll just bought that hanky-panky ugly car made in 1990’s, rite?

a great strategy, IMO.

raditya’s marmut merah jambu

i finish this book very fast.

less than 2 days.

Raditya dika is one of my favorite blogger and twitter writer (guess we can call those actively wrote in twitter as that way? i don’t know if there’s other name for it….), but never been my favorite book writer.

this book haven’t made me as his book fans also, but this book quite okay.

it combines between comedy and romance.

and well, like it or not, we need both of the mix to make ourself keep sane in this crazy world. u may think money can buy everything, but u always need a pour of comedy in your daily life –how you laugh your foolness, and a blast of romance –that might keep your head full of problem, but don’t you just love how it makes you breeze?

that’s why we kept fall in love.

anyway, if you have time, just read it. it’s funny. it can makes you giggling at night. then makes u think. then makes you laugh again. the book is light, but it can stay in your mind for several times… like what charlie brown said (that also being quoted in the book):

“nothing takes the flavor out of peanut jam other that unrequited love”