Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid trip

Hi guys!

So excited I’ll meet madame Eiffel and monsieur Gaudi soon! Yeah.. 30 hours to come!

I wanted to share you my trip itinerary:

2 days – Paris

I departed from Rennes by covoiturage, it’s a carpooling system in France (and maybe in other countries) which is very beneficial both for the driver and passengers. The driver can save money from their gasoline and car costs, and we as passenger can get cheap ride! I decided to use covoiturage because this TGV price is driving me crazy!! I have browsed some carpooling website.. the most reliable one is:

I thought we need to pay the driver directly, but apparently is acting as intermediate between us. We need to pay by credit/ carte bleue card first when we booked the trip. Eventhough it’s more expensive, because they charged service fee around 10% from the amount that charged to you, but it’s ok because unlike other sites,ย they have rating system for the driver, so you know the credibilities of the driver. You wouldn’t want an annoying or drunker person to drive the car, right?

the driver will deliver me to Massy RER station, which quite far from Paris city centre. The cost for RER trip to city centre is around 3.2 Eur. we’ll go around Paris.. of course La tour d’Eiffel, champs-elysees, Arc d’triomphe, musee Louvre, chateau de Versailles, and many more! J’adore!

Tips: all my friend told me to be careful in Paris. Don’t get enchanted too much, too excited, too drunk, or too in love! Paris is very dangerous because it has many foreigners, which in current hard economy situations they might unemployed..

2 daya – Barcelona

La ramblasss! Yihaaa.. I can’t wait to visit this no 1 beautiful city in the whole world! Thanks to monsieur Gaudi who created the famous Sagrada Familia!

I found some tourist maps on the net, or simply just follow barcelona hop on hop off open bus map (

They said everything can be reached by metro, and tourist can buy a tourist pass in Barcelona airport terminal 2, for 13 euro (2 days unlimited), quite cheap! Or you can buy 10 tickets costs 9 euro. But, i’ll skip the hassle (in case i need more ticket) by buying a tourist pass instead.

For a fashion lover, which is all girrrllsss.. there’s MANGO outlet in Barcelona, they sold even cheaper MNG stuffs! You know that you can get great bargain of ZARA and MNG stuffs in Spain, so why don’t give a shot to visit the outlet ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s the address:

Carrer de Girona, 37ย ย 08010 Barcelona, Spanyol
934 12 29 35

From Barcelona, I’ll go to Madrid by bus, because the train is soooo expensive! the most reliable bus named ALSA, you can see the bus routes, schedule, and even buy the ticket online. Hence, you need Spanish credit card or a Paypal account. I made a paypal account just to buy this bus ticket! Hopefully it’s worth the sacrifices ๐Ÿ™‚

I bought a ticket for 34 Eur each, with 2 Eur administration fee, departed at 11.50 PM and arrived in Madrid at 7.50 AM, total journey is 7h 50m.

2 days – Madrid

Honestly I don’t really know what a must visit place in Madrid, but some people like Madrid more than Barcelona. I’ll prove it and let you know!

Ciao Amigos!


Trip to Le Mont Saint Michel

I went to the famousย Le Mont Saint Michel last week, and I wanted to share how to organize your trip! Hopefully it is useful!

If you are from Paris, you can go to Rennes first by French famous high speed train, TGV, by booking online through this site:ย

Paris-Rennes ticket is usually cost 30 euro, unless in peak season it can reach 60 euro for one way. Therefore, book your train immediately! TGV offers ticket from 3 months ahead.

After that, you need to go out from Rennes Gare and heading to the left, to a building called ‘Gare Routiere’ or literally means bus station in France. You can buy ticket anytime in the ticket box, just mention you wanna go toย Le Mont Saint Michel, they will give you ticket for the soonest bus. You can check the bus schedule here:ย

Especially for people who lives in Rennes, you can get promotion price from October to March every year only by showing your Korrigo (bus) card only for 10 eur, because Fall and Winter season is off peak for Le Mont Saint Michel.


On the road to my beaulieu..

someday i’ll miss this moment..
like i miss the sunny Singapore.. or the warmth of sekoteng in my hometown..

when I’m back to a world full of responsibility, where i can’t just run when things goes wrong..

when i want to punch someone in the office, but i couldn’t.. when the office politics become so worst.. when your big big boss think he knew what’s best for you..

but you can’t run, because you need to pay your rent..

or your mom just won’t let you..

someday I’ll miss this peaceful and beautiful city.. all the humanity.. how i can enjoy all the breathe that i take without worrying people walk faster than me..

when i sleep on my husband’s arm.. my mind will fly away to this life.. the life that i only got for 7 months.. so short, yet i need to make it unforgettable..

i need to go to every inch in this city.. remember everything with my bare eyes.. all the sculpture on the old buildings.. and admire those who created it.

i have a dream to voyage the world and taste all the bitter and sweet inside it..
here i am..
i know i miss my bf so much.. but this is a one time chance.. and i need to enjoy every bit of it..

la vie c’est belle..

College life

I miss our brunch..

Today I was so tired, everyday I need to go to campus from 8-9 AM to 5 PM. I decided to skip french class today, it’s just too much.. I took an evening nap and after I’m awake and cooking dinner, I watched Glee.. still can’t lying myself that I miss my old life..

Then I wrote this letter to my boyfriend:

I dont know what happened, but most likely hormones striking again ๐Ÿ˜›

But today after waking up from my evening nap, I suddenly remember all my childhood life.. my city.. my life before.. As happy I am being here and realizing my dream, but I really miss those.. I miss enjoying the rain in tropical weather and eating street foods..ย 
I miss you and I miss my old life.. can’t believe I’m saying this.. but I’m really looking forward to be with you again ๐Ÿ™‚


Wedding lunch

when i give away myself for a man..

i should remember that it’s because missing him killing me so much..

it’s because when i thought i can be happy, but i can’t.. without him besides me..

but i need also remember living the life myself and pursuing all the things that i wanted is different with living the marriage life..

suddenly my priorities is no longer be priority.. but i need to ask his approval for everything that I decided. And probably I couldn’t take the chances as I always wanted..

and maybe we’ll get through some bad sex lives.. when we’ll get bored and couldn’t make each other turn on.

There where I would be..
asking why I volunteer for a marriage life..

being 27

maple leafs on the way to my beaulieu.. Yay finally I’m here ๐Ÿ™‚

i just remembered that i haven’t wrote my wish for my new age ๐Ÿ™‚
Thank you God for the fabulous 26, me love it so much! so many things changed in this past 1 year and it was a great change!
I found precious friends in Singapore, not to mention the amount of money I have gathered there..
And now I’m here, making my dream.comes true.. Merci beaucoup Jesus!

For 27, of course I still have wishes:
1. I know I have been wanting this awesome relationship since years ago.. and I won’t let it go. I have found a very nice guy who never break my heart even once ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll struggle for this relationship.. I don’t wanna lose this only for career or a dream that I tought will make me happy..

2. I haven’t make up my mind on my further self fulfillment. 1st thing in mind is to get married with my boyfriend (if God’s allow), but I need to decide what I wanna do next before my 28 birthday..

I think that’s all ๐Ÿ™‚
I don’t wanna wish so much.. because God has given me more than I need.. His blessings are truly beautiful.. ๐Ÿ™‚