I haven’t been unsure about our relationship.

And I must think of it as a benefit, than a bug in mind.

Why God send me him, maybe it’s because I don’t need a perfect man that will blur the sight of my dream.

Maybe I am with him, so I can continue turning my dream into reality.

now i know….

In a relationship, there’s so many ups and downs.

There’s so many mis-match feeling.

such as, when i miss him, he doesn’t miss me.

when he miss me, i don’t….


but maybe, relationship is not a season. It doesn’t comes one at a time. It’s about commitment, that you will give him comfort, even when you’re not in the same mood… because you know, when it happens to you, he will do exactly the same thing. That what makes a tango.


Or when the butterflies is not as strong as before, you still want to maintain the relationship.

Even you both doesn’t texting each other as you used to do.

Even the level of excitement is keep declining…

doesn’t mean it’s time to break-up.

Because you know, you will miss the comfort like he used to give.

Because you’re afraid, that you can’t afford to lose him.


I don’t know what real love means.

Is it the butterflies.

Or is it the comfort a man can give to a woman, and vice versa.

It’s only been 4 months, yet it has given me various feeling.

None of above I can answer yet.

I just can assume.





A few days ago I saw a tag going around on Youtube called “My Perfect Imperfections”. It was started by AndreasChoice, and the premise is to list 3 things about yourself that you consider imperfections and 3 things that you like about yourself.

here’s my list.

3 Imperfections:

1. I don’t like to clean-up things. I screwed at that one.

2. I can’t blend instantly in a new environment. I am currently working at that one.

3. I tend to have a big head when I get something I want.


3 things I like about myself:

1. I am proud of my perseverance character.

2. I think I have a good taste in fashion.

3. I am a fast learner ^___________^

dream a little dream

Take a break a while before tomorrow continue working on my dream 😀

Though woman at my age dream of marrying her prince on a white horse, but I’m trying my best to stay in track. Before in the end we’ll die alone, so we must love ourself more :p

Anyway, I think he must express his feelings more like today (it’s even after I push him):
it’s a wondrful 4months n i still wants more.smoga g dah jd good boyfriend buat lo so far y,since u r a very nice one


when you can’t define what u feel, we’re adult.. this feeling won’t kill us. it’ll go away.


I feel like… I must go from my company, already ignored the money though… and make my own company.

I want to borrow money from bank, create a very romantic wedding venue and one stop wedding services.

To Mbak Petty

a friend who’s just said my blog is awesome :”) *blushing*

who make me re-read and re-read my blog for the past 2 days, and wondering.. i feel glad that i can touch someone’s heart through my writting, and i hope my dream to be a columnist like Carrie Bradshaw is not a something that is too good to be true.

Mbak, I don’t know whether you still through an awful marriage like what you told me a year ago.

I just hope that, whatever you feel right now, go for it.

whatever make you happy right now, pursue it.

Because I just want to see you smile.

my current view about a relationship

I know… it’s not a good thing if he provides me everything when i need it
what i need is… he’s right beside me when i need his help. he’s giving affection. show me that he cares for me.

not overpromise is good, because it prevents me from disappointment.

not overwhelming flirt is good, because it keeps my feet stays on the ground.

we all, woman… only need something real.

we don’t need something exaggerate, while it only last a season.



I guess you’ll never be too sure of somebody before you get married?

or even you have married, you’ll never be too sure with you’re spouse?

because there will always be someone better.

someone brighter.

someone richer.

someone which is too good to be true.


but maybe what we need is simply just… someone who will be right beside us during good and bad times.

I haven’t been so sure about my man until recently.

there’s ups and downs on my feeling for the past 3 months of our relationship.

and maybe he felt the same thing.

and while i’m trying to find the answer…. the answer is above…

maybe we’ll never be so sure about somebody… until we lose him?