D-22 before our wedding..

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him..
Although the preparation sometimes could be so intense, but he also can be so adorable & made me realize why I chose him.
He walk the talk & trying to be responsible of this preparation.
He made me smile when he said “my soon to be wife” with shyness.
I should be enjoying this journey because in the future most likely we’ll be sick to each other & I’ll miss the moment where I miss him the most and hoping to spend the night with him.
God, please bless our wedding to be beyond my dream & also our marriage to last forever.



People said, environment is the most important thing on workplace.
I miss to be in a positive environment, supportive & friendly.
I miss to be accepted as the way I am and not to be in a peer pressure.
I hope my new place will be like above.. God may bless me 🙂