happy easter!

bf coming to spore!
and reminds me how great to love someone’s flaws..!
sharing you great moments with him thru pictures 🙂
day 1


at ikea alexandra, our fav meatballs!


maude thursday mass: blessed sacrament church, Commonwealth.

day 3
good friday mass: st peter and paul’s church, queen street.



day 3


he helped me clean up the apartment :p


cycling at east coast beach, interesting!

day 4


swimming at Mayfair condo


holding hands because we know this moment will end soon, sigh


i bought him a new luggage – red american tourister for early bday present!

well, when you only have short moment with someone, you’ll make sure its worth every second!

see you again 🙂

ps: next week i’ll go to Japan to visit my sister and my beloved niece!! so excited!

decision in life

i just got news from my boss.. i need to resign because the education leave is no longer available..
if course, i will still take the chance and resign.. i just need to understand how this decision will impact me.
the pay us good, sure it does.
i can save a lot lately..
but will it make me happy?
can money brings back my time whenever i regret the decision not to take it?
of course its not easy decision.. but i know i will go through.. because it’s me..
another thing is.. i need to make the ldr distance becone further more..
but i hope i can forget that fact by traveling around eur whenever weekend lonely strikes me 🙂


cia you!

the best fish ‘n chips in the town!

I just try the best fish and chips i ever ate in my whole life!

I am not a big fan of fish or seafood, but i loooovvvveee this one!

Manhattan Fish Market

i’ve tried fish and chips FISH&CO and some hawker in London.. but this one better than all!

My cousin got a voucher for fish and chips combo with delicious crab soup and lemonade… everything was sooo damn delicious!

they have lots of branch and just opened a branch in Jcube, jurong east (where i lived).

I will definitely take my bf here next week when he come!

Fish and chips combo package