life.. now and then

in life, i need to learn to close my senses from distortions.
Distortions from eyes, ears, and everything..
there will always be someone that seemed greater than you, more successful, or happier.. but trust me, nobody ever know their real life.
we can always see everything from the outside, just the way people see us as well. vice versa.
our life might seemed perfect from outside, but we know that it’s not, and so do other people.. it is important to focus on our own shooting stars and not to get impulsive when seeing others.

Good karma and bad karma..

I believe in this world there’s a karma.

Good karma for everyone who’s doing a good deed without thinking what in return for them.

Bad karma for people who do bad things without thinking others.

I also believe there’s a soulmate for everything. In love, life, career, death, birth..ย 

those situations will always come at the right time, just when you need it.ย 

Sounds naive, sounds vague.ย 

Some poor people might be dead before someone give them foods. I realized that. But I also went through my life journey, that my worry-ness will never resulting in anything. Only prayers and hardworking gave me something to gain.

Even tears make me stronger.

Therefore, I don’t care what happened now, with all of the uncertainties.. Things come and go in a sudden, but I don’t care.. I won’t change any of my life plan because of things that come in a sudden. Because I believe someOne up there has planned everything for me. just in time. just beautiful.


My dream rustic wedding :)

My dream rustic wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

*An entry in Indonesian..

Ternyata oh ternyata, banyak sekali aspek mengenai pernikahan.. sekali buka forum di langsung mabok deh rasanya.. ternyata memang bener ya cewek itu banyak banget maunya, pantesan ada istilah ‘bridezilla’, baru dilamar udah menggila, LOL.. Pantesan banyak cowok yang langsung rethink..

Nonetheless, I love my BF lol.. because he’s sooo patient with me :))

Dari mulai mencerahkan selangkangan (halah), make-up mami, cami, lalala.. pusing deh rasanya.. pengen punya simple wedding aja, nggak pake mobil ala cinderella segala.. Betenya kalo liat fotografer bagus, isinya semua orang pamer kemewahan di hotel berbintang, padahal nggak tahu bayarnya pakai pinjaman tanpa agunan nggak, hehehe..

Kalo wedding impian gue sih simple.. Intinya: keakraban. Tapi sayangnya satu hal itu nggak bisa terwujud karena keluarga besarnya si jeffrey sekampung.. boro2 bisa ngobrol-ngobrol akrab kan, saking banyaknya orang..

Oh well, I’m trying to be simple though.. I hope it can comes true ๐Ÿ™‚

BTW.. update mengenai kehidupan di Prancis.. yang sebentar lagi akan usai #ohtidaaakk.. Setengah hati bahagia karena bisa cium-ciuman sama pacar lagi *LOL, mudah-mudahan nggak ada yang baca iniii.. tapi setengah hati juga sedih karena nggak tahu kapan bakalan ke Eropa lagi. Nggak mau kesini karena business trip, pengennya buat jalan-jalan atau sekaligus menetap hehe..

Ah well, sekarang lagi uncertainty gitu, kesel banget deh sama ex-employer gue.. sebenernya mereka niatnya baik, tapi kok gue malah berasa diping-pong. Mereka main kontak-kontak gue aja, ehhh tau-tau bilang kalo nggak ada posisi yang sesuai, capek deh!! maunya apaaaa sihhh.. nggak usah ngasih harapan napaa kalo nggak bisa kasih sesuatu! Ibarat menerbangkan gue ke langit ke tujuh lalu dibanting keras-keras. Sebelum ini hidup gue tenang dan damai, memusatkan pikiran ke ujian dan skripsi, tapi setelah panggilan telepon dari kantor India itu, remuklah hari-hari gue.. #lebayyy

Ah well, this is life Stephanie.. you never know what future holds, surprise can come anytime!! So, what matter is yourself.. how you can overcome every events in life and be happy with anything!! so, let’s bring it ON!

Meanwhile, just focus on my exam (sigh) and the upcoming holidaaayyy!! Euro trip yang sudah lama kudambakaaann ๐Ÿ™‚

La fin de mon course..

Bonsoir a tous ๐Ÿ™‚

C’est moi, aprรจs 7 mois en France et la semaine prochaine mon course est finir ๐Ÿ™‚

Feel sad because soon this place will be empty, LOL.. and I don’t wanna be alone.. No class means meeting no friends.. This is such a feeling, because ever since I’m here, I always feel afraid of being alone. I guess because of the language and culture barrier, no matter how much I tried to fit in -okay I didn’t try that much then, because I feel so lazy to learn the language :p, I couldn’t get things that I wanted.. not to feel alone.

I know that happiness is depends on ourselves, not others.. But as a human, we do need a socialization. If I asked myself, when was the last time I try to know new people? I think last week, where I felt freaked out because my friend of friend was drunk, and I didn’t even want to continue hanging out with them.. then I think myself is a barrier.

I dont’t know.. I should be grateful that God has give me opportunity to live here, as I wish for.. to know the reality that sometimes dream not always making you happy. Even being with my BF doesn’t always make me happy, but I still wanting to be besides him..

So that’s it.. everything has it’s bitter and sweet.. as long as you can make the bitter become sweeter, you can cope up with anything.. Anything that doesn’t kill you will make you stronger!

My next dream

After pursuing master degree in Europe, met the man of my life.. now I set another goal in life..

I always want to give something to community while doing my passion. I want to encourage Indonesian, to realize the beauty of Indonesia made fashion and absorbing all the creative labors..

My dream is to create Indonesian fashion empire which promotes fair local labor treatment. I hope the society is mature enough to appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚