what if.. tomorrow never comes?

What if you only get the chance to choose 1 dream? What will u choose? I knew this day would come, when I need to choose.. Him or my dream.

I know I can get it both, but not now. As our relationship grows stronger and better.. I’m affraid, how am gonna miss him so bad when am leaving. I can choose between career or school.. But leaving him is a different thing. Now that people said my career is at progress, and I start to enjoy it (not to mention those days when I’m sick if it).

But, what if tomorrow never comes? Should I choose my career, him, or school abroad?

I know being with him is one of the best thing in my life, and starting in new place is ain’t easy at all. But, this is about now or never. This is about expressing myself, before am stepping into the new level of commitment.. I need to ask God, to give me the best way to choose.. Because I’m really confused.. I am so damn affraid, if I ended up choosing the wrong way..