My Google interview :)

I was seeking job posts at jobstreet when I suddenly saw Google’s singapore vacancy. Yeah!! Google!!

We all adore Google as the company has successfully marketing it’s office environment, so it becomes no#1 workplace in the world, most wanted company, etc.

Google and abroad is the perfect combination, nonetheless for me it’s just a dream to become googlers.. so, i applied it without any big hopes that i will be contacted. I applied for advertising operations associate (bahasa indonesia) position.

several days after, i applied another position in Google, as i assumed i wasn’t considerable for the previous position, so i increase my gut to apply for online campaign manager position, after reading the requirements.

Ta-da, a week afterwards, google HR e-mailed me… what a shock! i was so thrilled, can’t believe Google even consider me! she gave me several questions to answer.. and I answered it carefully. 1 day, 2 days… i didn’t got reply. i know from my friend’s friend blog, that google application will take a long time… the HR usually contacts you 2 weeks each stages. and the staged will took a long journey, 5-7x interview… yet, when you finished all the long stages, they send your CV to USA… and my friend’s friend was failed at their stage.. yes, so bitter. even reading it so bitter.

so, now… when i’m writting it now… the acid in my gastro tickles me… thinking about the last stages i’m currently through…

yap, after total 6 times interview, 2 by phone, 1 by gtalk, and 3 in singapore… now i landed at the last stage.. the HR just sent me a long list questions, and they asked me to re-send my CV.

I’m praying, that whatever the decision is, it’s the best plan from God… because now i realize, there’s something in life we can’t control… even Muammar Qhadaffi got killed when he tried to control everything.

so, c’est la vie…. believe in God’s magical plan…

1 year and 2 months

in this age of relationship with him…. I have to learn the reality that…. we are 2 different individuals…. and no matter how hard i try… how hard i threatened… we can never have 1 vision, unless…. we compromise.

He decided to sign the contract, at our current company, for the six sigma training.

the contract will happened for 2 years, Jan 2012 onwards.

So then, I need to accept the reality that I will go catch my dream out there, and he’ll chase his here.

we’ll be separated, one year again. hey, it’s a long time indeed!

the good news is: now, we’re still having each other.

so, try to seize the days… as 2 of us.