It has been ages since I posted all my burden in this blog. I guess I forgot that human need to tell stories.. to anyone.

My head feels like spinning and spinning.. and my first verdict is.. because I don’t like my job. I don’t like the amount of massive presentations I need to deal with..

But can I really find what I like? I guess am just too afraid.. :((

a year ago..

a year ago, the same Easter.. I was in France, and I didn’t even think going to the church, because I don’t understand what the Pastor said. During 10 months there, I only went to church about 2-3 times to really pray.. while the rest are only visiting the church for sightseeing.

It is quite ironic that my biggest dream has -apparently, makes me far from God. It is God who allows me to reach that dream, but apparently it makes me far-faraway from him. I think that’s why He sent me back here 🙂

5 months before D day!

Oh my God, it’s 5 months from now..!
And the very best “surprise” comes on this period: we don’t even know where we’re gonna live.

We had think of few options, but I’m still over think everything, so me!

Now I just realized, who’s gonna do the laundry? dishes? cleaning the house? Aha! Never think of that before 😦