Eiffel Scholarship

Bonjour mademoiselle!


I GOT it!!

I Finally got it!!

I finally got something that I have been wanted, applied more than 5 times in the past 4 years, and that I cried about!

I finally got the scholarship for Europe postgrad!

And it’s in France, my fav country!

No, I never been to France, and I really wanted to go there!

Eiffel tower, louvre museum, and all those famous spots in France…

THANK GOD, YOU have made my dream coming true!

Yeah, I know I got this just after 4 months joining Google, and I’m trying to get education leave, so I can get the best of both world.

I HOPE.. GOD will also bless this wish… but, however, I believe HE has the PERFECT Plan for me, above myself.

THANK YOU GOD… I can’t say enough THANKS to YOU… Thanks for everything…

every single thing you gave to me.. to my life…

Thai BBQ

we just had farewell dinner for Anna at a thai restaurant at golden mile last friday. golden mile is an old school building, but it has 1 area which you’ll feel you are in Bangkok!!


the food is soo good, they have special thai sauce and you can’t stop having it!
beware: you’ll get out smokey there, so dont wear your best dress.. or dont even think to have first date there *gags*



It’s been a super tiring week for me, plus I got my 1st migraine ever since I landed in Singapore. People said that the politic in Singapore is rough, looks like people trying to get more longchamp, LV, or Coach collections by office politics. Am not saying anything, I just feel a bit brain freezed.

In the middle of never ending test, I even can’t think about having french course or other.. I just use my weekend to free-up my mind. Yeah, money comes with the risk.. and I did feel this in Indonesia as well, not only in Singapore. I even remember few years ago I said to my friend, we are being paid to be yelled by other people. I even cried once in my office because a jerk-girl.. and until now I never forgive her.

Well, that’s it.. a note from desperate girl.

First Thai

First Thai

Sorry for the blurry pic

First thai restaurant located at Intersection between Bugis and City Hall, so it’s quite at the centre of Singapore. It’s very famous as one of the authentic delicious thai foods in SIngapore. Well, for me it DOES quite authentic… but i love tom yum in Bangkok better!! Yes, I am a Thai foods lover!

I have tried the pad thai, tom yum, chicken pandan, spring rolls, and many other foods that i forgot the names… hahaha.. and i also try their teh tarik and coconut ice. the coconut ice quite yummy and refreshing.

Well, for you who feel bored with the Singaporean taste, this is the right time to switch your menu to this exotic foods!

Verdict: Recommended to try! I will rate 4 out of 5. And the price is not that expensive, if you come by minimum 5 people, you can order anything and ended paying around 20sgd. Seat in here is limited, so sometimes you have to queue to get a seat!

to know the location better, you can check here.


Ice Kachang

Ice Kachang

This Ice Kachang is quite signature food in Singapore. For those who want to visit Singapore, don’t forget to try this! You can find this food in any hawker throughout SIngapore.
It’s basically splurge of ices combined with red bean and sometimes they also add jelly cubes + milk + and colorful syrups.
Yes, from the ingredients we all know that it’s fattening!
but, for one time it’s OKlaa.. yeah, am starting to sound like Singaporean, with laaa… *gags*