business trip

When I’m still working at Kraft as supply chain, I used to feel very excited when my boss assigned me for business trip, because it’s happened rarely and I’m very happy when i can go overseas for free!

When I moved to marketing, the frequency of business trip become very higher, but it’s mostly domestic. I can even do the trip every week when we have events! Yeah, at that moment I felt like airport is my second home.. so tired.

So, when I moved to Google, I am happy because I don’t need to do business trip anymore.. At least not that frequent. I just went to India once, and after that.. nothing’s more. So, I prefer to go on holiday by my own expense, rather than company expense.. yet you need to work there, not a holiday.

But, things goes different with my boyfriend. Recently after being promoted, his business trip frequency spikes rapidly.. I think he almost flying every month. And that’s not an easy task for our relationship.. LDR is already very tough for us.. and now we need to deal with time differences, and sometimes lack of internet access.

Yes, as people mentioned, internet give higher chance for LDR to survived.

He’s in Paris now, and he couldn’t find any free internet. Oh, he find it already, but limited only an hour a day! Sigh.. And I need to deal with it.. It makes me missed him very dearly much.. That’s the reason why I wrote this post now.



railay beach

I just back from my Thai trip! Yihaaa..

Well, some things apparently didn’t go as expected.. since now Bangkok Platinum Mall is kinda pricey (I think the same as Indonesia) and Krabi was not as I expected. I prefer Phuket!

However, I have some tips for you guys:

1. If you have been to Phuket, I won’t suggest you to go to Krabi.. Krabi is quieter than Phuket, that’s the only reason people wanna come to Krabi. But the beach was very ugly, both Ao Nang and Railay (I read in the internet people was suggesting us to stay at Railay, that’s why I decided to stay for one night there). But west railay was just a good beach from faraway, and when we came closer, it was full of tree branches..

2. I stayed at Ao Nang Buri hotel and Sunrise Tropical Resort, both is very recommended, since I got a very good value from the price I paid (I came there in off-peak and weekdays).

3. Since Krabi is less quiet than Phuket, that means the transportation is more expensive as well, because not many people comes. I can get a 1,000 baht tour in Phuket (per person) for a big ferry boat, snorkling, and lunch at proper restaurant in Phi-Phi island. Yesterday I got a deal from Krabi Kingdom, because they’re the only one who offered kayaking for HONG island trip. I get 850 baht/ person, but trip by long tail boat and they bring the lunch for us.. means that they packed rice, vegetables, etc for us, and we ate at the beach (there’s some seats at the beach). You can compare now!

Me, jeff, mom and dad



I love NYX cosmetic brand!

It’s not as expensive as MAC, but it delivers good result with awesome swatches!

Unfortunately because NYX is very expensive in Indonesia (it’s like 3x USA price!) and 1.5x USA price in Singapore, I can’t buy every NYX I wanted.

I always ask people who went to USA to buy it for me (BF, friend, auntie).

This is the products I already have so far and my review:

1. NYX jumbo pencil (Purple) –> Awesome! It has that metallic effect on your eyes. The only difficulty is because it’s very hard to sharpen the pencil because the outer part made from plastic.

2. NYX blush on (mocha) –> I was seeking for a peach pinchy blush on for quite sometimes, and I found this perfect colour! I kept wearing it every day and now I already saw the bottom part (in only 4 months period)

3. NYX shadow cream (Aqua) –> somewhat very bright, so need to be careful not to use it too thick

4. matte lipstick (Milan and Tokyo) –> I like Milan color, but not very much with Tokyo because it’s too pale (my friend who bought it for me)

5. Smacking lip color (Tea Rose) –> I knew this color from, and the color is very beautiful!

6. Triple eye shadow (Team spirit) –> They got perfectly the swatches I wanted! yellow, blue, and pink..

7. skinny eye marker (black) –> just tried them one (since it’s brand new), but i love it! it’s very practical and give the same result as eye pencil.

Done! I love them all.. my fav so far is my blush on.. and my less favorable one is the shadow cream because it’s too bright (My BF complained). But it’s so worth buying since they’re waaaayyy cheaper than MAC!

I wanted to buy more blush on and highlighter.. i wish someone is going to US again 🙂

Wide Awake – Katy Perry

I am currently in love with this song!

I really can feel what she felt to Russell Brand through this song.. Yeah, that guy is a crap!

Sometimes we can be really silly when we’re in love and couldn’t see the reality.

See the awesome (temporary) clip here in YouTube! Like it so much!

I wish I knew then

What I know now

Wouldn’t dive in

Wouldn’t bow down

Gravity hurts

You made it so sweet

Till I woke up on

On the concrete

PMS weekend

Huff, my weekend is not so interesting, since I intended to study for my 4th exam (AdWords Analytics), but what I did is.. sleeping and.. i don’t know what i did, actually..

Anyway, I tried this mango pomelo sago at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert at Clementi Mall.. not bad (price 4.9 sgd before tax and service charge).

But one of the mango cube is sour.. I prefer the one at Bugis (the famous ah chew dessert).

Mellow Yellow!

I had PMS for 3 weeks and it made me SOOOO MELLOOOWWW…

So, tonight I am very sleepy (because I just slept at 4 AM yesterday), but I miss my BF so much.. and it’s kinda makes me.. MELLOW

Anyway, How am I nowadays?

1. I started to dislike my job… and I don’t like my company like before. I don’t know, maybe it happens to every worker in the whole universe. I want to start my own business.

2. The Eiffel agent hasn’t informed me about the next visa step.. or other arrangement.. sigh.. I think about it all the time.. This is June already… 2 more months to go!

3. I’ve been kicked out by my owner in Aug, yay! so, i don’t have to find any replacement (sorry, flatmates.. you need to find other place now..)

So, Singapore, I’ll stay here for 2.5 months again.. I need to enjoy as much as possible!

Here’s my list:

1. McRitchie reservoir.. canoing, padling.. anything else 

2. Dragon boat!

3. Punggol waterway

4. hmm.. anything else, anyone?

Anyway I’ll go to bangkok + Krabi next 2 weeks and Bintan in July.. Can’t wait!