key to success

okay, we (and I) know that the definition of success is very subjective.

For me,

8 years ago, success is making my mom proud of me, being a busy career woman, and having a lot of money.

4 years ago, success is making people jealous of me and working my passion.

1 year ago, success is being happy.

despite of the definition, we all want to achieve a success in our life.

and after several drop and downs in life to run after those success in life, I knew that the secret of success is something I learned in junior high school:

probability theory.

The more we try, we will fallen over and over.

the more we fall, the more probability for you to get something.

this is the math:

if you try 100 times, you might fall 90 times.

but then, you get 10 success chances.

So, when people consider you’re a lucky bastard, just tell them “I try more, so I can achieve more”.

So, I bet success people must have a stone heart, because they got heartbreak 10 times than average people do!!

in summary, success people try more, heartbreak more, falling deep shit more, devastated more, but they hold the bleeding, keep trying and trying… and they finally get what they want!!

I bet even Galileo or Sir Thomas Alfa Edison experienced it.

it’s not easy to stand still when you’re bleeding.. but life must go on and eyes to the prize who kept remembering me to keep struggling.

So, that’s the answer of people who asked why I can achieve something. Of course with God’s help 🙂

yeay! i’m one of googler now!

Yap, after those tears fallen days and days..

after the painful news..

Gos gave me strength, opportunity, and ways..

He has granted me Google Singapore!!

Oh, am so happy!

especially when hearing the offer ;p

it was 3 weeks after my interview in Google Singapore office, in the morning there’s a phone call from Singapore number. I knew it must be the recruiter, so i decide to go from my desk.

“Hi Stephanie, I have received news from the hiring team, and it’s good news”

gue:*mendadak salting*

then when he mention the annual offering, i can’t think cleary (obviously becausei’m so nervous), but fortunately he’s willing to e-mail me, so i can have a clearer state of mind, and imagine my monthly salary :p

then it goes..

the offering is quite good (unlike people said in the net), or maybe it’s because i’m a newbie in Singapore, i don’t know the standard salary I got to accept, but at least i know the standard cost of living there.

it’s enough for me to survive in Singapore jungle ;p

cannot afford a serviced apartment, of course…

I can’t wait to submit the resignation letter to my dear boss… but I should wait until I got the official contract (friends said).

I got the official contract in monday (I got the offering in thursday), got email from other google party in friday to submit several documentations for my working permit application.

and now, 1.5 weeks after I got the working permit approved 🙂

yihaaa… 3 weeks to be a singapore worker! Thank God =)

being 26

happy 26!

Yes, i’m 26 now.

Last september, i just get over my quarter century period.

This google recruitment has made me realized, they asses me from 360 degrees perspective, unlike other companies.

And it made me realize, why until now i didn’t get the scholarship just yet…
When you apply for some aids, you must show that you also shares to people.
I’ve been wanted to join NGO since i start working, but i haven’t got the right NGOs, and i’ve been so lazy in this jakarta city. because the city is so jammed… it made me so lazy to go anywhere, unless I have to pay the taxi every time (something that i can’t afford when i just start my career).
It made me promise to myself.. And i been started since today, growing up my commitments to society, and not letting an thin old man selling bamboo appliances go with empty hands anymore. yes, that thing happened last month, and it still teared up my heart until now. I should’ve gave him some money… lots of it. It’s just so heartbreaking.
Even though God show me the way to work in Singapore, I will continue to seek NGOs or social activities there, even though i know they’re more lucky than Indonesian people.
I will start sharing.
Not because i want it comes around to me, but because i do it from the heart.