It’s so funny if you heard people’s opinion to your decision.. it’s the same thing when i decided to went to public college 7 years ago.
Yet, i believe in myself.. and my ego. And my ego was my fuel to proved everyone that they’re wrong!

And now.. people has different opinion about me going for post grad, but i always believe in myself, no matter how money has tempted me zillion times.

I just never let that opportunity goes.. and i never think myself stupid, even though everyone else thought so.

My boss just gave me a book by Tony Hsieh, Ceo of Zappos. He’s one of a few rich and success guys, such as Bill Gates, who doesn’t brag.. yet he’s being very honest. He wrote about his journey..
When he was a child, he always wanted to seek for money so he can retire young and get whatever he wants.
Yet, when Microsoft bought his company -Linkexchange, and caused him to have millions of dollar, he just realized that it’s no longer about the money, but the experiences.
He took a Big decision to leave Oracle and make his own business, while everyone think he’s stupid.. but he choose himself over money.

Live life to the fullest!

If you try to think, we sacrifice so many great things in life just to chase after money. We thought that money will make us happy and make everything perfect.yet, it creates problem.

I remembered how my bf and i fought because he need to cancel our trip to Krabi because he needs to go to Paris for business trip. I just realized that the increase of his salary and title.. will cause less time for me.

I know it’s nothing now.. but day by day.. we’ll be focusing on how to get more money, because enough is never enough. The moment we realized that we already hurt our beloved one’s feeling because of that.

I know i can’t live without money, i know i want a fancy house.. but i also want to seize the humble days with my beloved, and never lose moments.. because life only comes once..

Universal Studios Singapore

This is my 2nd time here, and aside from Transformer (which is aweeeesoome!), the other attractions are soooo dull now.. esp jurassic park! That dinosaur should be roaring and scary! Not stood up like a dead dinosaur like that.. Sigh!

Ticket for USS Singapore:

SGD 74 peak day

SGD 68 off peak (weekdays, non holiday season)

Usually you can get cheaper price from travel agent!



Just had this cool apps in my Nexus Android: Line camera!

Its even better from Instagram, because you can the ambiance, frame, putting fake eyes, and merge your pics with theirs cute stickers.

This apps came from Japan and I think it will be a big hit in the future!


Me and BF, in Paper Mode (Line Camera)

Cherry Blossom Trip!

I just went to Japan last April to see cherry blossom!

It’s indeed amazingly beautiful!

Even though Japan is super expensive country, but you gotta see it once in your life.

Kyoto is very beautiful, while Tokyo is a superbusy city with commuting people everywhere..


at Kiyomizudera temple, the biggest temple in Kyoto

I will share you my itinerary and tips for cheap backpacking trip!

Before D-day:

1. I bought Japan Rail (JR) Pass at, one of the travel agent who sold this pass in Singapore, because travelling around Japan is very pricey.. shinkansen and airplane price ranging at 5000-20,000 JPY. But fortunately Japan government has initiate this pass to help the traveler getting around Japan! The pass itself is not cheap! the price for ordinary seat for entire Japan is 28,300 JPY, while they also sell pass only for west, east, and several areas only with cheaper price. I already browsed and research the cheapest travel agent, and i found NTA through the internet. I bought around 434 per pass.

2. Plan your travel by train through, a very fascinating website where you can browse a complete transportation schedule in Japan! amazing!

3. Book your hostel before going there. I usually booked through or, but i found that hostelworld has more options than others.. believe me, hotel in Japan is so pricey. But, hostel in Japan is very small as well.. or maybe I just don’t get used into hostel anymore? the last time I stayed in a hostel is when… okay let me try to remember… oh Gosh, when I was first time living in Singapore! Okay, I gotta admit that Japan hostel is way much smaller than Singapore hostel. They maximize every space they got! So, next time i go there, i’d prefer to stay at Tokoyo inn, a budget hotel which offer price per room (for double room) 6000-9000 JPY per night, depends on which city you stayed, you can book online through Well, I know that sounds pricey, but you can try to browse through, and you’ll find out that 3 stars hotel is priced around 20,000 JPY!

Day 1:

I arrived at night at Kansai Airport, which I don’t recommend you to! I went there with AirAsia from Sg-KL-Osaka, with a very cheap price, only around 170 SGD one way, and I bought Jetstar from Osaka-Manila-Sg for going back for only 250 sgd. Yeah, I know going back is way much more expensive! but that’s the best deal i can get 🙂

Why I dont recommend you to, because the direct train from kansai airport to shin-osaka -the largest station in Osaka, is around 8 PM (you can check in, and i didn’t realize it… so fortunately there’s a lady who helped me and my mother to exchange the rail pass and ask the officer to print out how to get to Shin Osaka. So, we had to change 3 trains to be able to get there. I even made a mistake and got off at the wrong station.. fortunately I can get the next train!

So we arrived at Toyoko Inn Osaka around 1 AM -_-”

Day 2:

I went from Osaka to Kyoto by shinkansen, only around 15 mins.. and I regret why did I use my Japan rail pass! because in the end of the trip, my sister said i should’ve pay instead because it’s quite cheap to use regular train which will took less than 1 hour. So, it’s a lesson for you!

I got off at Kyoto station and going to the tourist information. You must go there! because you’ll need the bus map from the officer.. it’s very useful! they have all the bus routes to amazing sightseeing spots.. so you dont have to use taxi at all! and REMEMBER to buy a bus pass which is very cheap, 500 JPY per day per person.. because 1 trip of bus cost you 220 already.

Recommended temples: Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji.


Don’t go to Imperial palace.. when i went there, it was closed for public.

And it’s so hard to find cheap foods in Kyoto, so I bought bento from 7eleven or other convenience store. It wasn’t nice though 😦

Day 3:

Went to Tokyo! By shinkansen hikari, it took like 3 hours from Kyoto station.. then i arrived at super super busy Tokyo station.. be careful, too many people passed by will make you lost!

My hostel is at Nakano, which is only 2 stops from shinjuku.. but the place is really small! that’s why I suggest you to stay at Toyoko Inn instead.

I think this post already long enough!

I’ll create some tips for Tokyo trip later on.. Enjoy!