Motherhood (almost)

Being a mom takes a loooootttt of hard work. What I mean is a lot, yes more than anything else.
It’s started when the doctor said I’m pregnant. I can’t fit into my jeans, start throwing up 3-5x a day, and don’t wanna do anything including cooking. Then my doctor said I need to drink more, and pee more. So I started to wake up 2-3x at night to pee.

Then it gets better after 5 months, the nausea had disappear. After 7-8 months, my back start hurting me and waking up from bed is such a struggle.

And now, waiting for the baby to come out.. Haha, this is another battle because currently my body is not mine anymore because she’s getting bigger (yes, it’s a girl!) And even 1 minute walk makes my feet swollen & feels like my tummy is going to drop.

So yes, now I understand why all moms want their baby to come out soon!!

However, God is currently teaching me to be patience, since I’m the most impatient girl in the world!!

She will come out, eventually, don’t know when, but in His perfect time..