Ikea Swedish Meatballs

My friend told me about this foods, she said it’s damn delicious.

In my 3rd trips to Singapore, I decided to visit Ikea Alexandra Singapore.

And yesss..! it’s so good!

MUST try!

the meatballs made from pork and beef, and served with gravy sauce, potato, and Lingonberry jam.


8.5 sgd for 20 pcs, you can also buy 5, 10, 15 pieces.

You can also buy the frozen meatballs downstairs, around 18 sgd for 50 pieces.

I loooveee love love this Swedish meatballs!

Safari Night Singapore

Last Year me and BF went to the famous Singapore Safari Night.

Safari night is very famous, even more famous than the zoo itself. They claim as one of the best attraction in Asia.

I was very excited, even though bf keep pulling his face off because we have to pay 32 sgd per pax. Yeah, its so damn expensive!

So then we’re waiting for the amazing moments… and found out that…. it’s only a small zoo with animals.

Yeah, the presenter trying to make us laugh… he’s succeed for several times, but i don’t pay 32 sgd to laugh *gags*

Well, since I have visited Taman Safari Indonesia at Puncak, so I think Indonesia is better!!

So guys, just visit Indonesia zoo.. it’s better, larger, and cheaper! hahaha.. only 100 k IDR or around 15 sgd!

the pic is indeed blurry :p

Batu Karas, Indonesia

This Ied holiday 2010, me and family went to Batu Karas, West Java!

They said, this is a very good beach for beginner surfer 🙂

Indeed the wave is quite “exciting” because it’s not big yet the frequency of waves is very often (like 5 waves every 1 minute).

They also have the beautiful green canyon, a good spot for body rafting.

Green Canyon

Me and BF, it’s so difficult to get up here!

Banana boat! I got bleed because I were too excited 😦


This is a note from my trip in 2010.

Me and Z, my friend who lived in KL at that moment decided to visit Malacca.

We took public bus from KL bus terminal, and it took about 2 hours to reach Malacca. I forgot the exact amount that we paid, but it’s not pricey, i think it’s not more than 10 USD.


At Malacca Museum

Ruins of Fort A Famosa

Christ Church, Malacca

Suddenly when I walk towards Jonker Street, the famous street in Malacca where you can find foods and shops, I saw a long queue outside some restaurants. That made me and my friends, Z, curious. I decided to queue while she identified why people was queueing, indeed the day is so hot there! Yeah, Malacca is a harbor city, that’s why Dutch used to civilized them, because Malacca is an important port area at that moment.

We found out that they’re queueing for rice ball! I bet the rice ball is so good so that the people willing to queue for such a long time. We got in after queueing for 30 minutes, and indeed the rice ball is so good! They create a round rice ball, so we can take one by one with chopstick. Both rice and the chicken is so tasteful, not to mention the fresh lime juice.

Very recommended to try!

I want to go to Malacca again just to eat the riceball!


a very yummy riceball and fresh lime juice

durian chendol.. quite pricey but super yummy!!

Haw Par Villa Garden

Yesterday me and my Googler friends visit this Haw Par Villa Garden. Initially we aimed to play boardgames at Mind Cafe Boat Quay already closed!

So, in our disappointment, my friend suggest us to go to this odd and strange garden called Haw Par Villa.

From Boat Quay, we take green line from MRT raffles place to Buona Vista. And because we’re so smart, we take taxi from there.

Because we actually can use yellow circle line MRT which stops exactly at Haw Par Villa!!!

Apologize I dont have sufficient pictures now, but i’ll post it as soon as I got it from my friend’s.

I only have this pic now, the zodiac sign of Rooster.

See, Rooster best partner #1 is OX!!!

my bf sign = rooster. me = ox.