yesssss… now i am officially overweight!!

gotta do something about it, and my gym will just opened in March 16.. oh, crap.. 😦

what heart says

when your heart says something.. listen to it, green housing it.

your head might say it wrong.. but, day by day you’ll see that your heart seek the future, beyond your imagination.

so, if your heart saying you’re at the wrong place… just go.

believe that you worth more than this.

believe that you’ll shine everywhere else.


inspired by one of my friend’s blog -siska, i decide to write on my wish and hope this year, so God will hug it dearly.. and help me to make it real.

Okay, it’s a single hope, while the rest i will let life come and give me surprises.

I wish… this year I can get the scholarship for my postgraduate, so I can start pursue my post-grad study this year.

while about love and life, I think it would be more exciting if we less plan it! 🙂

beautiful things in life

..Is never planned.

Okay, i planned to cut my hair.. but i never planned to cut this short.

though i feel a bit fear, but what the heck, just go for it! hahahha… run to the forest, jump to the ocean, and swim!

ahhhh… life is so beautiful when we defeat our fear.

anyway, what do you think?

sorry, i don’t know how to rotate this thing. so, i guess you gotta turn your head upside down 😛


my grandma passed away 3 days ago… but actually we already let her go from years ago.

she’s so suffer, so we can’t see her prolonged her misery.

it make me wonder, what is life if not to lived.

and lately i felt… is it true, that only money who can make us live our life?

i mean, now i have a dream, that sting my chest so deeply.. but i need money to make it comes true.

yes, my uncles comes from across the border: Australia and Germany, then i envy their spouses.

i wanna have a husband that can took me live across the border as well.

europe, US, or else.. so i don’t have to push myself this hard 😦

Oh, am i just being spoiler.

my boyfriend, why don’t you work overseas, so i can come n join you, hehehehe….